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From "Gonzalo Diethelm" <gonzalo.dieth...@aditiva.com>
Subject RE: Torque performance problems
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 11:51:45 GMT
> >If you want to spend the next few months/years designing,
> >implementing, and maintaining your very own persistence mechanism
> >embedded specifically into Torque, go ahead. But given that there
> >are already viable, generic alternatives, I'd rather do that.
> There really isn't all that much to design if we're just 
> reimplementing the currently published API. What I want to do is 
> just fix the egregious performance problems in Torque so that the 
> basics of what is there now can be used.  If you for instance 
> wanted to scrap the Criteria code and use some other better SQL 
> query abstraction, then that's a different story.  But, if that's 
> the case, then start something new and don't call it Torque.  I 
> don't want to change the overall design philosophy behind Torque, 
> I just want to make it work better.

If you could abstract a generic API for persistence, you could
make the persistence mechanism pluggable. Big "if" here...

Something else, related to Criteria: it is well known that the
design of this class is really lacking, and makes it very
difficult to compose complex criteria. Criterion was a good
step forward, but this is definitely an area of Torque that
could use some redesigning.

Gonzalo A. Diethelm

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