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From "Quinton McCombs" <qmcco...@nequalsone.com>
Subject [Proposal] Versioning of database.dtd on the jakarta site
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2003 18:28:53 GMT
The DTD for Torque could change for each released version of Torque. The
same would hold true for any sort of DTD that we use as part of the
project. The sample project-schema.xml file that we supply to the users
has a defined DTD on the jakarta site. This doesn't really matter for
running Torque since the DTD from the jar file.
However, XML editing tools will use the DTD as defined in the XML file.
For that reason, I think that we should put the database.dtd file for
each version of Torque on the jakarta site with the version number added
to the file name. 

Database.dtd (leave this one as is for version 2.1)
database_2_1.dtd (just to be consistent)

The sample XML files would reference the correct one for the version of
turbine being used. The DTD resolver would need a slight modification to
check for this.
Any objections?

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