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From cfel...@netscape.net (Chris Felaco)
Subject RE: [PATCH] Fix Torque doUpdate method to not perform SELECT beforeUPDATE
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 16:16:38 GMT
Walt Armour <WaltA@concur.com> wrote:

>The delete operates in the same manner.  We should correct that as well.
>Unless someone else wants to grab it, I'll wait for the update patch and
>then follow it with a delete patch just to make them behave the same.

Actually, DELETE is even worse because the WHERE clause it generates checks every single column
in the table.  I was wondering if that was done intentionally as a crude way to ensure that
someone else hadn't updated the table since the time the select was performed.  Is that so?
 If it is, I'm skeptical, because nowhere else in Torque is such a check performed, and I
believe it's out of the scope of the tool.

But anyway, I actually NEVER use delete in my application, so I didn't bother.  Sorry...

- Chris

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