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From Henning Schmiedehausen <henn...@intermeta.de>
Subject Torque Docs need _your_ help!
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 16:49:43 GMT

I had to go over the Torque code today and found out that some of the
docs are quite confusing, outdated or simply wrong.

While I whine about it here, there is not too much I can do, besides
doing a little automated turbine -> torque replacement. I simply don't
have the time to do the great docs rewrite. And I'm also not a good
docs writer. And frankly, I don't like writing docs in xdoc / xml

But: If anyone of the torque developers (or users) with some spare
time is willing to work over the docs, check for the correctness of
the properties and the examples, I'm quite willing to help as a proof
reader and be available for questions.

So, if anyone wants to help here (this is an easy way to work in
Turbine development even if you don't want to enter the 10.000+ lines
of template and java code), this would be more than welcome and help
Torque newbies. 


Dipl.-Inf. (Univ.) Henning P. Schmiedehausen       -- Geschaeftsfuehrer
INTERMETA - Gesellschaft fuer Mehrwertdienste mbH     hps@intermeta.de

Am Schwabachgrund 22  Fon.: 09131 / 50654-0   info@intermeta.de
D-91054 Buckenhof     Fax.: 09131 / 50654-20   

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