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From "Quinton McCombs" <quint...@bellsouth.net>
Subject Loading Torque as Avalon component
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2003 22:28:42 GMT
One of the items on the task list for Turbine 2.3 is to be able to load
Torque as an Avalon component.  The problem is the the method names
conflict between Stratum's lifecycle interfaces and Avalon's.  To do
this I see basically two options...

1) Simply switch to Avalon's lifecycle interfaces and drop Stratum's.
There would be no deprecation.  Turbine and Torque would be changed at
the same time so that the development versions would still work

2) Create a wrapper class for Torque that would implement the Avalon
lifecycle interfaces.  This would be enough to satisfy Turbine's

I think that option #1 would be the best even though deprecation is out
of the question.

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