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From "Adam Greene" <agre...@romulin.com>
Subject Do I need to do anything special to support french characters
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 15:18:32 GMT
I am having trouble with French characters coming out of the database funny.
I am using:

Torque 3.0B3
SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Drivers (latest ones)

and anytime I put a french character (é for example) into a VARCHAR or TEXT
it gets written as the two characters (©).  Maybe this is a problem with
SQL Server, but if I put data in via the Enterprise Manager, it goes in
fine, comes out fine, but when I save it again, it goes funny.  (I've tried
using NVARCHAR and NTEXT and everything else I can think of).

On top of all this, I can get half web pages to display the french letters,
and half just show square boxes.  I hate multi-language!!

Has anyone else had this problem??

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