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From Martin Poeschl <mpoes...@marmot.at>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fixes and enhancements for the sql2xml task
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 14:08:53 GMT
Andreou Andreas wrote:

> Well, just some more thoughts:
> - Is there a reason why the sql2xml task does NOT generate a dtd 
> compliant xml? You can
> take a look at the toString() method of AppData.java and see that it 
> uses an <app-data> tag.
> Also, the toString() method of ForeignKey.java does not append 
> ondelete and onupdate
> information, and the toString() of Table.java does not append foreign 
> keys and indexes. Maybe
> this was because the sql2xml task couldn't extract such information 
> from an *.sql file, but using a
> patch I've submitted in the past all these can be extracted...
> - Is there any interest on a SQLToAppData test? I've already created 
> such a test which basicly
> does the following:
>    1) Copies all *.sql and *.ref.xml files from a folder in src/rttest 
> to target/test/rttest/sql
>    2) Generates a *.sql.xml file for each *.sql file in 
> target/test/rttest/sql using the sql2xml task
>    3) Compares all *.sql.xml files with the corresponding *.ref.xml. 
> The test passes if and only if
>    all data (= tags and values) found on *.ref.xml (reference xml) are 
> also found on the generated
>    *.sql.xml files
> - Are there any other thoughts on how to improve the sql2xml task or 
> the above-described test? 

did you file the issue and patches in scarab??
please add your tests to the issue ...


> Respect,
>    Andreas Andreou
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