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From Andreou Andreas <andy...@di.uoa.gr>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Fixes and enhancements for the sql2xml task
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 13:35:13 GMT
Well, just some more thoughts:

- Is there a reason why the sql2xml task does NOT generate a dtd 
compliant xml? You can
take a look at the toString() method of AppData.java and see that it 
uses an <app-data> tag.
Also, the toString() method of ForeignKey.java does not append ondelete 
and onupdate
information, and the toString() of Table.java does not append foreign 
keys and indexes. Maybe
this was because the sql2xml task couldn't extract such information from 
an *.sql file, but using a
patch I've submitted in the past all these can be extracted...

- Is there any interest on a SQLToAppData test? I've already created 
such a test which basicly
does the following:
    1) Copies all *.sql and *.ref.xml files from a folder in src/rttest 
to target/test/rttest/sql
    2) Generates a *.sql.xml file for each *.sql file in 
target/test/rttest/sql using the sql2xml task
    3) Compares all *.sql.xml files with the corresponding *.ref.xml. 
The test passes if and only if
    all data (= tags and values) found on *.ref.xml (reference xml) are 
also found on the generated
    *.sql.xml files

- Are there any other thoughts on how to improve the sql2xml task or the 
above-described test?

    Andreas Andreou

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