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From Neeme Praks <ne...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [vote] plans for torque 3.1
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 07:31:29 GMT

If you tend to lean more towards the UML side of things, then you could 
possibly collaborate with AXgen:


Stephen Haberman ::

> >Do you think some of the template refactoring (proposed by Stephen
> >Haberman I think) should take place in this release, or wait for 4.0?
> I think template refactoring would be great; in doing so, I'll agree
> with Jon that OJB is not the-end-all-killer-tool, however, I think they
> have a much better (in terms of cross-database test cases, etc.)
> implementation of persistence than Torque currently has.
> Torque's strong point has always been code generation. I think it would
> be great of Torque to focus on just that and offload all of the
> persistence baggage to OJB where they have a dedicated team doing solely
> that.
> Assuming this happens, Torque could fall back on generating the nice om
> layers it always has, except easier and with more reliable results. And
> it also leads Torque towards doing more generation, e.g. of UI's (both
> AWT/Swing/SWT-based and Turbine-based), as Martin was saying he'd really
> like as a feature.
> At that point it'd also be really awesome to explore the possibilities
> of round trip engineering (e.g. of the om data layer and UI's). I'm a
> bit naïve in knowing exactly how useful it would be, I just think it
> sounds awesome (I ran a TogetherSoft trial a year or so ago and was
> really impressed by what the round-trip engineering, if done correctly,
> could do).
> So, I guess in the long run I'd really like to see Torque mature into
> pseudo-UML generation/reverse-generation framework. Kinda like ArgoUML,
> but without the GUI, and ideally a real nice implementation and
> integration between features like data layer and UI generation.
> Dunno; with my current lurking status, my opinion is of little weight,
> but I just thought I'd put in my two cents.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
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