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From Andreou Andreas <andy...@di.uoa.gr>
Subject [PATCH] Fixes and enhancements for the sql2xml task
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 19:26:06 GMT
hi! I've only just starting following this list, and I was trying to use 
the jdbc task in order to convert some of my databases
(mainly oracle) to torque's xml. For some reason, this just does not 
work for me, so I figured I could update the sql2xml
task and have it generate the xml from my sql scripts.
So, the main changes are:

    SQLScanner.java: now reports line number correctly on MS platforms, 
and recognizes when the minus sign is not used for comments.

    SQLToAppData.java: parses ALTER TABLE arguments, CREATE INDEX 
statements and the CONSTRAINTS keyword in
        CREATE TABLE. It now works ok for all my sql scripts+for the 
scripts that get generated by torque (when given an xml)
        The only problem I had was when a column was desclared as LONG 
VARCHAR, which is easy to fix, but , since I'm new,
        I don't know if we should support this type (maybe it's only 
oracle specific).

    Index.java-Foreign.java-Table.java: enable the previous changes + 
now export xml fields that weren't exported

I hope this can help those that want to convert sql scripts to xml. 

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