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From Charles Anthony <charles.anth...@hpdsoftware.com>
Subject RE: OJB and temporary tables
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 09:09:21 GMT
OK - quick response, no, it is not possible to map to temporary tables in

However, it might be possible to dynamically change the repository metadata
to point to the temporary table...

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From: Bruno CROS [mailto:bruno.cros@gmail.com]
Sent: 27 June 2005 10:17
To: OJB Users List
Subject: Re: OJB and temporary tables

Help, please, did someone try to use temporary table ?
 I'm asking me about a turn around, creating records in a ODMG transaction 
and rollback them systematically . Risky, isn't it ? I don't known exactly 
why, but i think there is a better way... 
 Thanks for any ideas
 On 6/23/05, Bruno CROS <bruno.cros@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Hello,
> I did not find any concrete discussings about dealing with temporary
> tables with OJB.
> My aim is to check some values against records in OJB tables. The
> query is a complex join query, with multiple records entries.
> Make a query for each check will be too heavy and too long. My first
> idea is to insert some records (to be checked) in a temporary table,
> and check them against with a report query.
> Is there a better way? Something i miss ?
> Does OJB support temporary table mapping? if not, why ?
> Evenly, how store procedures would help me ?
> Thanks a lot.

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