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From Thomas Dudziak <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Beginners Question Tutorial Problem
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 09:30:56 GMT
> I've some question regarding ojb. I'm an absolute beginner with ojb
> although I've used torque quite a lot.
> 1. The tutorial uses Java-Classes and generates the repository_user.xml
> is the other way round also possible?
>     I ask this because I'm designing my databases using clay an
> eclipse-plugin(it restores the database in an XML-File) and it should be
> straight
>     forward to write an XSLT to convert the clay-file to a
> repository_users.xml maybe I'm even releasing this as an eclipse plugin ;-)

Not as such, mainly because OJB does not really require anything of
the objects that get persisted (POJOs). The code for performing
operations related to persistence (storing, retrieving, querying) is
usually not within the persistent classes but instead in specific DAO
classes or similar.
So, all you'd require is a stylesheet that generates plain java
classes, preferably with a no-arg constructor, from the clay mapping.
And it could also generate basic DAO classes for them. You might want
to have a look into AppFuse (over at java.net) to see what a basic DAO
would constitute.

> 2. Following the tutorial when running "ant build setup-db" I get the
> following build error:

Please try the targets individually to see whether that works any better.


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