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From David Durham <david.durh...@scott.af.mil>
Subject Re: Unable to use xdoclet-ojb-module.
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 19:27:59 GMT
psamathos wrote:

> This is what my current target looks like:
> <target name="repository-files">
> <taskdef name="ojbdoclet"
> classname="xdoclet.modules.ojb.OjbDocletTask"/>
> <ojbdoclet destdir="./dist" verbose="true">
> <fileset dir="src">
> <include name="com/snusk/bo/*.java"/>
> </fileset>
> <ojbrepository destinationFile="repository_user.xml"/>
> </ojbdoclet>
> </target>
> in the docs it also has a classpathref, do I need that as well? 

I think that needs to point to "module jar along with the xdoclet and 
xjavadc jars"

> I have
> tried with and without but perhaps I made a misstake somewhere with it?

My task doesn't work without it.  I think you could probably get rid of 
it if you put those jars in Ant's classpath.  I don't recommend doing 
that, though.

Here's what I have:

        <path id="classpath">
            <fileset dir="${common.lib}" includes="*.jar"/>
            <fileset dir="${application.src.lib}" includes="*.jar"/>
        <property name="classpath" refid="classpath"/>

        <target name="ojb.repository.xml" depends="prepare">
            <taskdef name="ojbdoclet"
            <ojbdoclet destdir="${application.dest.classes}">
                <fileset dir="${application.src.classes}">
                     <exclude name="**/*repository*"/>
                <ojbrepository destinationFile="repository_user.xml"/>
                <torqueschema databaseName="ucm"

${application.src.lib} points to a lib folder with the required jars.

- Dave

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