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From Joose Vettenranta <jo...@iki.fi>
Subject persistence broker and cache and different connection
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 12:56:36 GMT

I have my software running as 2 instance.. using connection-descriptor 
A and B

both A and B uses same classes.


if I create something on A it is cached - good, ok
if I create something on B it is cached - good, ok

but problem is that A and B's cache is the same. So if I look at bean 
with connection B and it is previously viewed by connection A, then A's 
value is shown, always..

So, how can I make that cache persistent to connections? So that when I 
do like:

dao.retrieve(bean(3), fromTableA) != dao.retrieve (bean(3), fromTableB);

both ones are the same, even though the database is different.

Using persistentbroker and ojb 1.0.rc6



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