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From "Guido Beutler" <guido.beut...@hrs.de>
Subject Re: OJB RC4 does not select all objects?
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 13:27:39 GMT

I tried a workaround and select all A by a loop with direct primary key 
access like:

"select allobject from A where key=$1"

Whith this select I get all expected objects but of course this is not very comfortable
to code a loop for every IN clause.

best regards,


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Subject: 	OJB RC4 does not select all objects?
Date: 	Wed, 01 Oct 2003 14:20:15 +0200
From: 	Guido Beutler <Guido.Beutler@hrs.de>
To: 	OJB Users List <ojb-user@db.apache.org


I've got a strange problem. I have two Tables A and B with corresponding 
B has a foreign key to A and so I have a 1:N  between A and B.
A has a reference-descriptor to B and
B has a collection-descriptor  to A.

If I try to select all instances of A i only get a few entries instead 
of 20. If I reinvoke
the test case the number of retrieved objects raises until 20 is reached.
"select allobject from A where key is in ($1)"

$1 is a collection of 20 integers.
If I select all objects of B first and then select all A i get the 
expected 20
In both cases no exception is thrown.
I'm using rc4 with ODMG inside of JBoss 3.2.2. with DB/2.

Has anybody seen this before?

gest regards,


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