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From Martin Kalén <mka...@apache.org>
Subject Re: svn commit: r538346 - in /db/ojb/branches/OJB_1_0_RELEASE/src/java/org/apache/ojb/broker: PersistenceChecker.java core/PersistenceCheckerOptImpl.java core/PersistenceCheckerSolidImpl.java util/ShortcutMapper.java
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2007 15:47:42 GMT

Hi Armin and everyone else,
  snippets from SVN #538346:

arminw@apache.org wrote:
> URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=rev&rev=538346
> Log:
> initial check in
> Added:
>     db/ojb/branches/OJB_1_0_RELEASE/src/java/org/apache/ojb/broker/util/ShortcutMapper.java
> +    static
> +    {
> +        Mapping mapping = new Mapping(ObjectCache.class)
> +                .add("jcs", ObjectCacheJCSImpl.class);

This adds a new run-time dependency for OJB (the JCS JAR) which was
previously only present if explicitly selecting the JCS cache.

Would it be possible to change to use class names as String objects
stored in the shortcut mapping table, and then look them up on demand
instead (with the OJB standard classForName wrappers)?

I could work on a patch for this if you think it seems like an OK
behviour. (The change would be transparent to users having the
shortcut "jcs" in their repository files.)

I think it's nice to have the number of OJB runtime deps small and
add 3rd party JARs only when required (DBCP is another one that I
think should be reworked like this, ie only needed at RT when
explicitly selecting DBCP pooling).

Any thoughts?


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