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From "Berner Martin" <martin.ber...@braunvieh.ch>
Subject Disable use of bindvariables
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 12:17:59 GMT
I use ojb with an oracle DB.
Usually I create my dynamic SQL's by create hierarchical Criterias. And create a new ReportQuerry.

ReportQueryByCriteria rq =
          TFoto.class, new String[] { "fotoId" }, crit, true);

But in one special query the Optimiser from Oracle produce a very bad Executionplan because
he don't know the concrete Value of the bindvariables in my SQL.

Now I'm searching for a option where I can disable the use ob bindvariables. So that the created
SQL includes the concrete values instead of bindvariables.

select * from table where col_id = :a; -> that's with bindvariables
select * from table where col_id = 1526; -> that's with concrete value

Is there someone who can help my? Thanks

Berner Martin

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