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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject [Vote] Cleanup SVN trunk
Date Sun, 23 Jul 2006 00:13:21 GMT
Hi all,

because of missing manpower and to concentrate work on OJB 1.x/2.x I 
recommend to cleanup the source code.

The Prevlayer support is only a rudimentary alpha version of outdated 
Prevlayer 1.x version (no work on this stuff for years).
The SODA support is only rudimentary (no work on this stuff for years).
The OTM is in early alpha status, work stopped many moth ago, many bugs, 
slow performance, not ready for production.
The org.apache.ojb.jdori package contains the JDO1.0 support based on 
jdori. Nobody worked on this stuff for many month. The implementation 
has bugs and is not ready for production.


1. remove of Prevlayer support

2. remove the SODA support

3. move OTM sources to an archive directory (remove from classpath), 
then it's easy to search for and copy interesting stuff to OJB core. The 
OTM concepts are very interesting.

4. remove of the org.apache.ojb.jdori package in source, cleanup 
documentation, recommendation for JPOX (seems to be a solid JDO1/2 

If you do not agree, please tell us why and how many time you can spend 
to work on this stuff.

1. +1
2. +1
3. +1
4. +1


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