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From Thomas Dudziak <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: XDoclet-2 module & Introducing Myself to the list.
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 13:43:43 GMT
On 10/10/05, Konstantin Priblouda <kpriblouda@yahoo.com> wrote:

> in light of current events I'm investigating
> possibilities  of making my software JB**s-free
> ( as mere self-protection against ideas of people
> behind it )
> I'm freelance developer, and also commiter of
> XDoclet-1
> ( retired, no longer active ) and of XDoclet-2 &
> accompanying modules project. Another project where
> I'm active is  Pico/Nanocontainer.

Hi Konstantin,

> I see that you already created a module for XD1 - so
> the first question is:
>  - do you plan to develop one for XD2? ( there are
> technical advantages over XD1 ). Will original author
> /
> commiter come over to us to port it?
> ( http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/xdoclet-plugins
> )
> In any case we can provide assistance in development.

Not as such. Rather, I was thinking of using qdox directly to generate
an instance of OJB's meta model and then use the facility of this meta
model to write it to XML. This would unify the model checking that is
currently in the XDoclet1 module, with the core OJB meta model
classes, and also provide a simplification for introducing annotations
and other things.

> Another question is integration with
> pico/nanocontainer ( constructor injection).  Any work
> done for it?  Any plans?

The 1.1 branch already uses Pico internally for IoC. And it should not
be difficult to make OJB accept an external container that it then
uses as the parent container like so:

OJB ojbInstance = new OJB(new PicoComponentContainer(parentPicoContainer));

I havn't had a use for something like that yet, though.

> Since I like to migrate from hibernate, those parts of
> software are important for me, and I would rather help
> ongoing efforts than do duplicate work.

That's great!


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