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From Konstantin Priblouda <kpriblo...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: XDoclet-2 module & Introducing Myself to the list.
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 14:18:25 GMT

--- Thomas Dudziak <tomdzk@gmail.com> wrote:

> Not as such. Rather, I was thinking of using qdox
> directly to generate
> an instance of OJB's meta model and then use the
> facility of this meta
> model to write it to XML. This would unify the model
> checking that is
> currently in the XDoclet1 module, with the core OJB
> meta model
> classes, and also provide a simplification for
> introducing annotations
> and other things.

Correct me if I'm wrong ( did not grokked your
cedebase yet ):
You plan to parse source annotated wuth @tags, and
then play round with model?  Cheapest way to buy this
would be XD2 plugin  - you create interfaces
describing your tags, annotate it with @qtags tags and
then you receive 
self-validating implementation beans ( with
line-accurate error reporting ). 

You also have choice of 3 template engines ( jelly,
velocity, freemarker  - but jelly would be natural
choice for XML output ) 
We also got some nice accompanying plugins generating 
documentation  ( in our release process we
automatically upload tag & plugin docs to confluence )

> > Another question is integration with
> > pico/nanocontainer ( constructor injection).  Any
> work
> > done for it?  Any plans?
> The 1.1 branch already uses Pico internally for IoC.
> And it should not
> be difficult to make OJB accept an external
> container that it then
> uses as the parent container like so:
> OJB ojbInstance = new OJB(new
> PicoComponentContainer(parentPicoContainer));
> I havn't had a use for something like that yet,
> though.

I did hibernate suport for nanocontainer, and 
it ed to inject session into interested objects
( DAOs ). This proved to be really nice feature
becase it decouples session management from DAO 
code - thing are implified by this. 

Though Hibernate itself is not really pico-friendly,
so adapter subproject ( nano-persistence ) was
necessary. If you use pico internally, it may be
easier to adapt OJB to this enironment. 

> > Since I like to migrate from hibernate, those
> parts of
> > software are important for me, and I would rather
> help
> > ongoing efforts than do duplicate work.
> That's great!

Of course this would be kind of middle-term because I
have ongoing projects to be released...  But I'm ready
to onvest some time into it. 

I see possibility of middle-term problems offering
services based on hibenate ( no trademark registered
yet, but "Abmahnung" my customer got from JBoss
S.a.r.l was pretty nasty... ) 


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