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From Konstantin Priblouda <kpriblo...@yahoo.com>
Subject XDoclet-2 module & Introducing Myself to the list.
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 13:25:19 GMT
Hi all,

in light of current events I'm investigating
possibilities  of making my software JB**s-free
( as mere self-protection against ideas of people 
behind it ) 

I'm freelance developer, and also commiter of
( retired, no longer active ) and of XDoclet-2 &
accompanying modules project. Another project where
I'm active is  Pico/Nanocontainer.

I see that you already created a module for XD1 - so
the first question is:
 - do you plan to develop one for XD2? ( there are
technical advantages over XD1 ). Will original author
commiter come over to us to port it? 
( http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/xdoclet-plugins
In any case we can provide assistance in development. 

Another question is integration with
pico/nanocontainer ( constructor injection).  Any work
done for it?  Any plans?

Since I like to migrate from hibernate, those parts of
software are important for me, and I would rather help
ongoing efforts than do duplicate work. 


----[ Konstantin Pribluda http://www.pribluda.de ]----------------
Still using XDoclet 1.x?  XDoclet 2 is released and of production quality.
check it out: http://xdoclet.codehaus.org

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