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From arm...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: db-ojb/src/schema ojbcore-schema.xml ojbtest-data.dtd ojbtest-data.xml ojbtest-schema.xml
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 21:02:22 GMT
arminw      2005/10/06 14:02:22

  Modified:    src/schema Tag: OJB_1_0_RELEASE ojbcore-schema.xml
                        ojbtest-data.dtd ojbtest-data.xml
  update Torque to version 3.1.1, update hsql to version, merge DB profiles with HEAD,
update commons-collections to version 3.1
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision   +1 -1      db-ojb/src/schema/ojbcore-schema.xml
  Index: ojbcore-schema.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/db-ojb/src/schema/ojbcore-schema.xml,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.8.2.2 -r1.8.2.3
  --- ojbcore-schema.xml	22 Apr 2005 16:42:22 -0000
  +++ ojbcore-schema.xml	6 Oct 2005 21:02:22 -0000
  @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no" ?>
  -<!DOCTYPE database SYSTEM "http://db.apache.org/torque/dtd/database_3_0_1.dtd">
  +<!DOCTYPE database SYSTEM "http://db.apache.org/torque/dtd/database_3_1.dtd">
   #/* Copyright 2002-2004 The Apache Software Foundation
   # *
   +116 -115  db-ojb/src/schema/ojbtest-data.dtd
  Index: ojbtest-data.dtd
  RCS file: /home/cvs/db-ojb/src/schema/ojbtest-data.dtd,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.14.2.3 -r1.14.2.4
  --- ojbtest-data.dtd	21 Jun 2005 10:53:45 -0000
  +++ ojbtest-data.dtd	6 Oct 2005 21:02:22 -0000
  @@ -15,60 +15,67 @@
   # */
   <!ELEMENT dataset (
  -    ProductGroup*,
  -    Article*,
  -    Books*,
  -    Cds*,
  -    OrderPosition*,
  -    Tree*,
  -    Treegroup*,
  -    AbTable*,
  -    Product*,
  -    Person*,
  -    Project*,
  -    PersonProject*,
  -    Task*,
  -    FamilyMember*,
  -    LockedByVersion*,
  -    LockedByTimestamp*,
  -    BlobTest*,
  -    MdtestMaster*,
  -    MdtestDetailFkinpk*,
  -    MdtestDetailFknopk*,
  -    GraphNode*,
  -    GraphEdge*,
  -    Point*,
  -    ConversionReferrer*,
  -    ConversionReferred*,
  -    SMMaxA*,
  -    SMMaxAA*,
  -    SMMaxAAA*,
  -    SMMaxAB*,
  -    SMMaxB*,
  -    SMMaxBB*,
  -    News*,
  -    Paper*,
  -    Category*,
  -    Topic*,
  -    Area*,
  -    ContentQualifier*
  +    ProductGroup|
  +    Article|
  +    Books|
  +    Cds|
  +    OrderPosition|
  +    Tree|
  +    Treegroup|
  +    AbTable|
  +    Product|
  +    Person|
  +    Project|
  +    PersonProject|
  +    Task|
  +    FamilyMember|
  +    LockedByVersion|
  +    LockedByTimestamp|
  +    BlobTest|
  +    MdtestMaster|
  +    MdtestDetailFkinpk|
  +    MdtestDetailFknopk|
  +    Point|
  +    GraphNode|
  +    GraphEdge|
  +    ConversionReferrer|
  +    ConversionReferred|
  +    News|
  +    Paper|
  +    Topic|
  +    Category|
  +    Area|
  +    ContentQualifier|
  +    SMMaxA|
  +    SMMaxAA|
  +    SMMaxAB|
  +    SMMaxAAA|
  +    SMMaxB|
  +    SMMaxBB
  +    )*>
   <!ATTLIST dataset
       name CDATA #REQUIRED
  +<!ELEMENT ProductGroup EMPTY>
  +<!ATTLIST ProductGroup
  +    GroupId CDATA #REQUIRED
  +    GroupName CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Description CDATA #IMPLIED
   <!ELEMENT Article EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST Article
  -    articleId CDATA #REQUIRED
  -    articleName CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    supplierId CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    productGroupId CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    unit CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    price CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    stock CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    orderedUnits CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    minimumStock CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    inSelloutArticle CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    ArticleId CDATA #REQUIRED
  +    ArticleName CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    SupplierId CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    ProductGroupId CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Unit CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Price CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Stock CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    OrderedUnits CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    MinimumStock CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    InSelloutArticle CDATA #IMPLIED
  @@ -103,13 +110,6 @@
       Musicians CDATA #IMPLIED
  -<!ELEMENT ProductGroup EMPTY>
  -<!ATTLIST ProductGroup
  -    groupId CDATA #REQUIRED
  -    groupName CDATA #IMPLIED
  -    description CDATA #IMPLIED
   <!ELEMENT OrderPosition EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST OrderPosition
  @@ -161,6 +161,13 @@
       Description CDATA #IMPLIED
  +<!ELEMENT PersonProject EMPTY>
  +<!ATTLIST PersonProject
  +    PersonId CDATA #REQUIRED
  +    ProjectId CDATA #REQUIRED
  +    Rolename CDATA #IMPLIED
   <!ATTLIST Task
  @@ -169,13 +176,6 @@
     Taskname CDATA #IMPLIED
  -<!ELEMENT PersonProject EMPTY>
  -<!ATTLIST PersonProject
  -    PersonId CDATA #REQUIRED
  -    ProjectId CDATA #REQUIRED
  -    Rolename CDATA #IMPLIED
   <!ELEMENT FamilyMember EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST FamilyMember
  @@ -226,6 +226,13 @@
       DetailText CDATA #IMPLIED
  +<!ATTLIST Point
   <!ELEMENT GraphNode EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST GraphNode
  @@ -240,60 +247,17 @@
  -<!ATTLIST Point
   <!ELEMENT ConversionReferrer EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST ConversionReferrer
  +    Ref1 CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    TestId CDATA #IMPLIED
   <!ELEMENT ConversionReferred EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST ConversionReferred
  -  name CDATA #IMPLIED
  -  name CDATA #IMPLIED
  -  name CDATA #IMPLIED
  -  name CDATA #IMPLIED
  -  name CDATA #IMPLIED
  -  name CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    TestId CDATA #IMPLIED
  @@ -305,23 +269,23 @@
   <!ATTLIST Paper
  -  Headline CDATA #IMPLIED  
  +  Headline CDATA #IMPLIED
     Issuedate CDATA #IMPLIED
     Author CDATA #IMPLIED
  -<!ELEMENT Category EMPTY>
  -<!ATTLIST Category
  +<!ATTLIST Topic
  -  Description CDATA #IMPLIED
  +  Importance CDATA #IMPLIED
  -<!ATTLIST Topic
  +<!ELEMENT Category EMPTY>
  +<!ATTLIST Category
  -  Importance CDATA #IMPLIED
  +  Description CDATA #IMPLIED
  @@ -335,3 +299,40 @@
       ContentId CDATA #REQUIRED
       QualifierId CDATA #REQUIRED
  +    Name CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Name CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Name CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Name CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Name CDATA #IMPLIED
  +    Name CDATA #IMPLIED
   +105 -105  db-ojb/src/schema/ojbtest-data.xml
  Index: ojbtest-data.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/db-ojb/src/schema/ojbtest-data.xml,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.15.2.5 -r1.15.2.6
  --- ojbtest-data.xml	21 Jun 2005 10:53:45 -0000
  +++ ojbtest-data.xml	6 Oct 2005 21:02:22 -0000
  @@ -17,97 +17,97 @@
   <!DOCTYPE dataset SYSTEM "file://ojbtest-data.dtd">
   <dataset name="all">
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="1" groupName="Beverages" description="Alles leckere zum Süffeln"/>
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="2" groupName="Spices" description="Gewürze, Dressings etc."/>
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="3" groupName="Meat" description=""/>
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="4" groupName="Liquors" description=""/>
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="5" groupName="Books" description="Strange Books..."/>
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="6" groupName="bread" description=""/>
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="7" groupName="Fruits" description="Früchte etc."/>
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="8" groupName="Dairy Products" description="Kat 8"/>
  -    <!-- ProductGroup with groupId < 4000 are used for counting in eg QueryTest -->
  -    <ProductGroup groupId="4711" groupName="Random Articles" description="Used for MetadataMultithreadedTest"/>
  -    <Article articleId="1" articleName="Chai" supplierId="1" productGroupId="1" unit="10
boxes x 20 bags" price="18.53" stock="39" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="10" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="2" articleName="Chang" supplierId="1" productGroupId="1" unit="24
- 12 oz bottles" price="19.89" stock="17" orderedUnits="40" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="3" articleName="Aniseed Syrup" supplierId="1" productGroupId="2"
unit="12 - 550 ml bottles" price="10.2" stock="13" orderedUnits="70" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="4" articleName="Chef Antons Cajun Seasoning" supplierId="2"
productGroupId="2" unit="48 - 6 oz jars" price="22.0" stock="53" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0"
  -    <Article articleId="5" articleName="Chef Anton´s Gumbo Mix" supplierId="2" productGroupId="2"
unit="36 boxes" price="21.35" stock="0" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="1"/>
  -    <Article articleId="6" articleName="Grandma´s Boysenberry Spread" supplierId="3"
productGroupId="2" unit="12 - 8 oz jars" price="25.0" stock="120" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="25"
  -    <Article articleId="7" articleName="Uncle Bob´s Organic Dried Pears" supplierId="3"
productGroupId="7" unit="12 - 1 lb pkgs." price="30.0" stock="15" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="10"
  -    <Article articleId="8" articleName="Northwoods Cranberry Sauce" supplierId="3" productGroupId="2"
unit="12 - 12 oz jars" price="40.0" stock="6" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="9" articleName="Mishi Kobe Niku" supplierId="4" productGroupId="6"
unit="18 - 500 g pkgs." price="97.0" stock="29" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="1"/>
  -    <Article articleId="10" articleName="Ikura" supplierId="4" productGroupId="8" unit="12
- 200 ml jars" price="31.0" stock="31" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="11" articleName="Queso Cabrales" supplierId="5" productGroupId="4"
unit="1 kg pkg." price="21.0" stock="22" orderedUnits="30" minimumStock="30" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="12" articleName="Queso Manchego La Pastora" supplierId="5" productGroupId="4"
unit="10 - 500 g pkgs." price="38.0" stock="86" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="13" articleName="Konbu" supplierId="6" productGroupId="8" unit="2
kg box" price="6.0" stock="24" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="5" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="14" articleName="Tofu" supplierId="6" productGroupId="7" unit="40
- 100 g pkgs." price="23.25" stock="35" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="15" articleName="Genen Shouyu" supplierId="6" productGroupId="2"
unit="24 - 250 ml bottles" price="15.5" stock="39" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="5" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="16" articleName="Pavlova" supplierId="7" productGroupId="3"
unit="32 - 500 g boxes" price="17.45" stock="29" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="10" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="17" articleName="Alice Mutton" supplierId="7" productGroupId="6"
unit="20 - 1 kg tins" price="39.0" stock="0" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="1"/>
  -    <Article articleId="18" articleName="Carnarvon Tigers" supplierId="7" productGroupId="8"
unit="16 kg pkg." price="62.5" stock="42" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="19" articleName="Teatime Chocolate Biscuits" supplierId="8"
productGroupId="3" unit="10 boxes x 12 pieces" price="9.2" stock="25" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="5"
  -    <Article articleId="20" articleName="Sir Rodney´s Marmalade" supplierId="8" productGroupId="3"
unit="30 gift boxes" price="81.0" stock="40" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="21" articleName="Sir Rodney´s Scones" supplierId="8" productGroupId="3"
unit="24 pkgs. x 4 pieces" price="10.0" stock="3" orderedUnits="40" minimumStock="5" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="22" articleName="Gustaf´s Knäckebröd" supplierId="9" productGroupId="5"
unit="24 - 500 g pkgs." price="21.0" stock="104" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="23" articleName="Tunnbröd" supplierId="9" productGroupId="5"
unit="12 - 250 g pkgs." price="9.0" stock="61" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="24" articleName="Guaraná Fantástica" supplierId="10" productGroupId="1"
unit="12 - 355 ml cans" price="4.5" stock="20" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="1"/>
  -    <Article articleId="25" articleName="NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme" supplierId="11" productGroupId="3"
unit="20 - 450 g glasses" price="14.0" stock="76" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="30" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="26" articleName="Gumbär Gummibärchen" supplierId="11" productGroupId="3"
unit="100 - 250 g bags" price="31.23" stock="15" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="27" articleName="Schoggi Schokolade" supplierId="11" productGroupId="3"
unit="100 - 100 g pieces" price="43.9" stock="49" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="30" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="28" articleName="Rössle Sauerkraut" supplierId="12" productGroupId="7"
unit="25 - 825 g cans" price="45.6" stock="26" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="1"/>
  -    <Article articleId="29" articleName="Thüringer Rostbratwurst" supplierId="12" productGroupId="6"
unit="50 bags x 30 sausgs." price="123.79" stock="0" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="1"/>
  -    <Article articleId="30" articleName="Nord-Ost Matjeshering" supplierId="13" productGroupId="8"
unit="10 - 200 g glasses" price="25.89" stock="10" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="31" articleName="Gorgonzola Telino" supplierId="14" productGroupId="4"
unit="12 - 100 g pkgs" price="12.5" stock="0" orderedUnits="70" minimumStock="20" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="32" articleName="Mascarpone Fabioli" supplierId="14" productGroupId="4"
unit="24 - 200 g pkgs." price="32.0" stock="9" orderedUnits="40" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="33" articleName="Geitost" supplierId="15" productGroupId="4"
unit="500 g" price="2.5" stock="112" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="20" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="34" articleName="Sasquatch Ale" supplierId="16" productGroupId="1"
unit="24 - 12 oz bottles" price="14.0" stock="111" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="35" articleName="Steeleye Stout" supplierId="16" productGroupId="1"
unit="24 - 12 oz bottles" price="18.0" stock="20" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="36" articleName="Inlagd Sill" supplierId="17" productGroupId="8"
unit="24 - 250 g  jars" price="19.0" stock="112" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="20" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="37" articleName="Gravad lax" supplierId="17" productGroupId="8"
unit="12 - 500 g pkgs." price="26.0" stock="11" orderedUnits="50" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="38" articleName="Côte de Blaye" supplierId="18" productGroupId="1"
unit="12 - 75 cl bottles" price="263.5" stock="17" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="39" articleName="Chartreuse verte" supplierId="18" productGroupId="1"
unit="750 cc per bottle" price="18.0" stock="69" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="5" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="40" articleName="Boston Crab Meat" supplierId="19" productGroupId="8"
unit="24 - 4 oz tins" price="18.4" stock="123" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="30" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="41" articleName="Jack´s New England Clam Chowder" supplierId="19"
productGroupId="8" unit="12 - 12 oz cans" price="9.65" stock="85" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="10"
  -    <Article articleId="42" articleName="Singaporean Hokkien Fried Mee" supplierId="20"
productGroupId="5" unit="32 - 1 kg pkgs." price="14.0" stock="26" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0"
  -    <Article articleId="43" articleName="Ipoh Coffee" supplierId="20" productGroupId="1"
unit="16 - 500 g tins" price="46.0" stock="17" orderedUnits="10" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="44" articleName="Gula Malacca" supplierId="20" productGroupId="2"
unit="20 - 2 kg bags" price="19.45" stock="27" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="45" articleName="Røgede sild" supplierId="21" productGroupId="8"
unit="1k pkg." price="9.5" stock="5" orderedUnits="70" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="46" articleName="Spegesild" supplierId="21" productGroupId="8"
unit="4 - 450 g glasses" price="12.0" stock="95" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="47" articleName="Zaanse koeken" supplierId="22" productGroupId="3"
unit="10 - 4 oz boxes" price="9.5" stock="36" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="48" articleName="Chocolade" supplierId="22" productGroupId="3"
unit="10 pkgs." price="12.75" stock="15" orderedUnits="70" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="49" articleName="Maxilaku" supplierId="23" productGroupId="3"
unit="24 - 50 g pkgs." price="20.0" stock="10" orderedUnits="60" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="50" articleName="Valkoinen suklaa" supplierId="23" productGroupId="3"
unit="12 - 100 g bars" price="16.25" stock="65" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="30" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="51" articleName="Manjimup Dried Apples" supplierId="24" productGroupId="7"
unit="50 - 300 g pkgs." price="53.0" stock="20" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="10" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="52" articleName="Filo Mix" supplierId="24" productGroupId="5"
unit="16 - 2 kg boxes" price="7.0" stock="38" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="53" articleName="Perth Pasties" supplierId="24" productGroupId="6"
unit="48 pieces" price="32.8" stock="0" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="1"/>
  -    <Article articleId="54" articleName="Tourtière" supplierId="25" productGroupId="6"
unit="16 pies" price="7.45" stock="21" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="10" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="55" articleName="Pâté chinois" supplierId="25" productGroupId="6"
unit="24 boxes x 2 pies" price="24.0" stock="115" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="20" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="56" articleName="Gnocchi di nonna Alice" supplierId="26" productGroupId="5"
unit="24 - 250 g pkgs." price="38.0" stock="21" orderedUnits="10" minimumStock="30" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="57" articleName="Ravioli Angelo" supplierId="26" productGroupId="5"
unit="24 - 250 g pkgs." price="19.5" stock="36" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="20" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="58" articleName="Escargots de Bourgogne" supplierId="27" productGroupId="8"
unit="24 pieces" price="13.25" stock="62" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="20" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="59" articleName="Raclette Courdavault" supplierId="28" productGroupId="4"
unit="5 kg pkg." price="55.0" stock="79" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="60" articleName="Camembert Pierrot" supplierId="28" productGroupId="4"
unit="15 - 300 g rounds" price="34.0" stock="19" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="61" articleName="Sirop d´érable" supplierId="29" productGroupId="2"
unit="24 - 500 ml bottles" price="28.5" stock="113" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="62" articleName="Tarte au sucre" supplierId="29" productGroupId="3"
unit="48 pies" price="49.3" stock="17" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="63" articleName="Vegie-spread" supplierId="7" productGroupId="2"
unit="15 - 625 g jars" price="43.9" stock="24" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="5" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="64" articleName="Wimmers gute Semmelknödel" supplierId="12"
productGroupId="5" unit="20 bags x 4 pieces" price="33.25" stock="22" orderedUnits="80" minimumStock="30"
  -    <Article articleId="65" articleName="Louisiana Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce" supplierId="2"
productGroupId="2" unit="32 - 8 oz bottles" price="21.05" stock="76" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0"
  -    <Article articleId="66" articleName="Louisiana Hot Spiced Okra" supplierId="2" productGroupId="2"
unit="24 - 8 oz jars" price="17.0" stock="4" orderedUnits="100" minimumStock="20" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="67" articleName="Laughing Lumberjack Lager" supplierId="16"
productGroupId="1" unit="24 - 12 oz bottles" price="14.0" stock="52" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="10"
  -    <Article articleId="68" articleName="Scottish Longbreads" supplierId="8" productGroupId="3"
unit="10 boxes x 8 pieces" price="12.5" stock="6" orderedUnits="10" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="69" articleName="Gudbrandsdalsost" supplierId="15" productGroupId="4"
unit="10 kg pkg." price="36.0" stock="26" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="15" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="70" articleName="Outback Lager" supplierId="7" productGroupId="1"
unit="24 - 355 ml bottles" price="15.0" stock="15" orderedUnits="10" minimumStock="30" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="71" articleName="Fløtemysost" supplierId="15" productGroupId="4"
unit="10 - 500 g pkgs." price="21.5" stock="26" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="72" articleName="Mozzarella di Giovanni" supplierId="14" productGroupId="4"
unit="24 - 200 g pkgs." price="34.8" stock="14" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="73" articleName="Röd Kaviar" supplierId="17" productGroupId="8"
unit="24 - 150 g jars" price="15.0" stock="101" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="5" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="74" articleName="Longlife Tofu" supplierId="4" productGroupId="7"
unit="5 kg pkg." price="10.0" stock="4" orderedUnits="20" minimumStock="5" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="75" articleName="Rhönbräu Klosterbier" supplierId="12" productGroupId="1"
unit="24 - 0.5 l bottles" price="7.75" stock="125" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="25" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="76" articleName="Lakkalikööri" supplierId="23" productGroupId="1"
unit="500 ml" price="18.0" stock="57" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="20" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="77" articleName="Original Frankfurter grüne Soße" supplierId="12"
productGroupId="2" unit="12 boxes" price="13.0" stock="32" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="15"
  -    <Article articleId="4711" articleName="Proxied Article 1" supplierId="12" productGroupId="4711"
unit="1 Java class" price="1.3" stock="5" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="1" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="4712" articleName="Proxied Article 2" supplierId="12" productGroupId="4711"
unit="1 Java class" price="1.5" stock="2" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="0" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  -    <Article articleId="4713" articleName="Proxied Article 3" supplierId="12" productGroupId="4711"
unit="1 Java class" price="1.9" stock="7" orderedUnits="0" minimumStock="5" inSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="1" GroupName="Beverages" Description="Alles leckere zum Süffeln"/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="2" GroupName="Spices" Description="Gewürze, Dressings etc."/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="3" GroupName="Meat" Description=""/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="4" GroupName="Liquors" Description=""/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="5" GroupName="Books" Description="Strange Books..."/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="6" GroupName="bread" Description=""/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="7" GroupName="Fruits" Description="Früchte etc."/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="8" GroupName="Dairy Products" Description="Kat 8"/>
  +    <ProductGroup GroupId="4711" GroupName="Random Articles" Description="Used for MetadataMultithreadedTest"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="1" ArticleName="Chai" SupplierId="1" ProductGroupId="1" Unit="10
boxes x 20 bags" Price="18.53" Stock="39" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="10" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="2" ArticleName="Chang" SupplierId="1" ProductGroupId="1" Unit="24
- 12 oz bottles" Price="19.89" Stock="17" OrderedUnits="40" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="3" ArticleName="Aniseed Syrup" SupplierId="1" ProductGroupId="2"
Unit="12 - 550 ml bottles" Price="10.2" Stock="13" OrderedUnits="70" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="4" ArticleName="Chef Antons Cajun Seasoning" SupplierId="2"
ProductGroupId="2" Unit="48 - 6 oz jars" Price="22.0" Stock="53" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0"
  +    <Article ArticleId="5" ArticleName="Chef Anton´s Gumbo Mix" SupplierId="2" ProductGroupId="2"
Unit="36 boxes" Price="21.35" Stock="0" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="1"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="6" ArticleName="Grandma´s Boysenberry Spread" SupplierId="3"
ProductGroupId="2" Unit="12 - 8 oz jars" Price="25.0" Stock="120" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="25"
  +    <Article ArticleId="7" ArticleName="Uncle Bob´s Organic Dried Pears" SupplierId="3"
ProductGroupId="7" Unit="12 - 1 lb pkgs." Price="30.0" Stock="15" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="10"
  +    <Article ArticleId="8" ArticleName="Northwoods Cranberry Sauce" SupplierId="3" ProductGroupId="2"
Unit="12 - 12 oz jars" Price="40.0" Stock="6" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="9" ArticleName="Mishi Kobe Niku" SupplierId="4" ProductGroupId="6"
Unit="18 - 500 g pkgs." Price="97.0" Stock="29" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="1"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="10" ArticleName="Ikura" SupplierId="4" ProductGroupId="8" Unit="12
- 200 ml jars" Price="31.0" Stock="31" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="11" ArticleName="Queso Cabrales" SupplierId="5" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="1 kg pkg." Price="21.0" Stock="22" OrderedUnits="30" MinimumStock="30" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="12" ArticleName="Queso Manchego La Pastora" SupplierId="5" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="10 - 500 g pkgs." Price="38.0" Stock="86" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="13" ArticleName="Konbu" SupplierId="6" ProductGroupId="8" Unit="2
kg box" Price="6.0" Stock="24" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="5" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="14" ArticleName="Tofu" SupplierId="6" ProductGroupId="7" Unit="40
- 100 g pkgs." Price="23.25" Stock="35" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="15" ArticleName="Genen Shouyu" SupplierId="6" ProductGroupId="2"
Unit="24 - 250 ml bottles" Price="15.5" Stock="39" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="5" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="16" ArticleName="Pavlova" SupplierId="7" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="32 - 500 g boxes" Price="17.45" Stock="29" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="10" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="17" ArticleName="Alice Mutton" SupplierId="7" ProductGroupId="6"
Unit="20 - 1 kg tins" Price="39.0" Stock="0" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="1"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="18" ArticleName="Carnarvon Tigers" SupplierId="7" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="16 kg pkg." Price="62.5" Stock="42" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="19" ArticleName="Teatime Chocolate Biscuits" SupplierId="8"
ProductGroupId="3" Unit="10 boxes x 12 pieces" Price="9.2" Stock="25" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="5"
  +    <Article ArticleId="20" ArticleName="Sir Rodney´s Marmalade" SupplierId="8" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="30 gift boxes" Price="81.0" Stock="40" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="21" ArticleName="Sir Rodney´s Scones" SupplierId="8" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="24 pkgs. x 4 pieces" Price="10.0" Stock="3" OrderedUnits="40" MinimumStock="5" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="22" ArticleName="Gustaf´s Knäckebröd" SupplierId="9" ProductGroupId="5"
Unit="24 - 500 g pkgs." Price="21.0" Stock="104" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="23" ArticleName="Tunnbröd" SupplierId="9" ProductGroupId="5"
Unit="12 - 250 g pkgs." Price="9.0" Stock="61" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="24" ArticleName="Guaraná Fantástica" SupplierId="10" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="12 - 355 ml cans" Price="4.5" Stock="20" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="1"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="25" ArticleName="NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme" SupplierId="11" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="20 - 450 g glasses" Price="14.0" Stock="76" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="30" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="26" ArticleName="Gumbär Gummibärchen" SupplierId="11" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="100 - 250 g bags" Price="31.23" Stock="15" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="27" ArticleName="Schoggi Schokolade" SupplierId="11" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="100 - 100 g pieces" Price="43.9" Stock="49" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="30" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="28" ArticleName="Rössle Sauerkraut" SupplierId="12" ProductGroupId="7"
Unit="25 - 825 g cans" Price="45.6" Stock="26" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="1"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="29" ArticleName="Thüringer Rostbratwurst" SupplierId="12" ProductGroupId="6"
Unit="50 bags x 30 sausgs." Price="123.79" Stock="0" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="1"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="30" ArticleName="Nord-Ost Matjeshering" SupplierId="13" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="10 - 200 g glasses" Price="25.89" Stock="10" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="31" ArticleName="Gorgonzola Telino" SupplierId="14" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="12 - 100 g pkgs" Price="12.5" Stock="0" OrderedUnits="70" MinimumStock="20" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="32" ArticleName="Mascarpone Fabioli" SupplierId="14" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="24 - 200 g pkgs." Price="32.0" Stock="9" OrderedUnits="40" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="33" ArticleName="Geitost" SupplierId="15" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="500 g" Price="2.5" Stock="112" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="20" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="34" ArticleName="Sasquatch Ale" SupplierId="16" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="24 - 12 oz bottles" Price="14.0" Stock="111" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="35" ArticleName="Steeleye Stout" SupplierId="16" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="24 - 12 oz bottles" Price="18.0" Stock="20" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="36" ArticleName="Inlagd Sill" SupplierId="17" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="24 - 250 g  jars" Price="19.0" Stock="112" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="20" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="37" ArticleName="Gravad lax" SupplierId="17" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="12 - 500 g pkgs." Price="26.0" Stock="11" OrderedUnits="50" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="38" ArticleName="Côte de Blaye" SupplierId="18" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="12 - 75 cl bottles" Price="263.5" Stock="17" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="39" ArticleName="Chartreuse verte" SupplierId="18" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="750 cc per bottle" Price="18.0" Stock="69" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="5" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="40" ArticleName="Boston Crab Meat" SupplierId="19" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="24 - 4 oz tins" Price="18.4" Stock="123" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="30" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="41" ArticleName="Jack´s New England Clam Chowder" SupplierId="19"
ProductGroupId="8" Unit="12 - 12 oz cans" Price="9.65" Stock="85" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="10"
  +    <Article ArticleId="42" ArticleName="Singaporean Hokkien Fried Mee" SupplierId="20"
ProductGroupId="5" Unit="32 - 1 kg pkgs." Price="14.0" Stock="26" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0"
  +    <Article ArticleId="43" ArticleName="Ipoh Coffee" SupplierId="20" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="16 - 500 g tins" Price="46.0" Stock="17" OrderedUnits="10" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="44" ArticleName="Gula Malacca" SupplierId="20" ProductGroupId="2"
Unit="20 - 2 kg bags" Price="19.45" Stock="27" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="45" ArticleName="Røgede sild" SupplierId="21" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="1k pkg." Price="9.5" Stock="5" OrderedUnits="70" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="46" ArticleName="Spegesild" SupplierId="21" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="4 - 450 g glasses" Price="12.0" Stock="95" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="47" ArticleName="Zaanse koeken" SupplierId="22" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="10 - 4 oz boxes" Price="9.5" Stock="36" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="48" ArticleName="Chocolade" SupplierId="22" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="10 pkgs." Price="12.75" Stock="15" OrderedUnits="70" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="49" ArticleName="Maxilaku" SupplierId="23" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="24 - 50 g pkgs." Price="20.0" Stock="10" OrderedUnits="60" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="50" ArticleName="Valkoinen suklaa" SupplierId="23" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="12 - 100 g bars" Price="16.25" Stock="65" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="30" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="51" ArticleName="Manjimup Dried Apples" SupplierId="24" ProductGroupId="7"
Unit="50 - 300 g pkgs." Price="53.0" Stock="20" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="10" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="52" ArticleName="Filo Mix" SupplierId="24" ProductGroupId="5"
Unit="16 - 2 kg boxes" Price="7.0" Stock="38" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="53" ArticleName="Perth Pasties" SupplierId="24" ProductGroupId="6"
Unit="48 pieces" Price="32.8" Stock="0" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="1"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="54" ArticleName="Tourtière" SupplierId="25" ProductGroupId="6"
Unit="16 pies" Price="7.45" Stock="21" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="10" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="55" ArticleName="Pâté chinois" SupplierId="25" ProductGroupId="6"
Unit="24 boxes x 2 pies" Price="24.0" Stock="115" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="20" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="56" ArticleName="Gnocchi di nonna Alice" SupplierId="26" ProductGroupId="5"
Unit="24 - 250 g pkgs." Price="38.0" Stock="21" OrderedUnits="10" MinimumStock="30" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="57" ArticleName="Ravioli Angelo" SupplierId="26" ProductGroupId="5"
Unit="24 - 250 g pkgs." Price="19.5" Stock="36" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="20" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="58" ArticleName="Escargots de Bourgogne" SupplierId="27" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="24 pieces" Price="13.25" Stock="62" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="20" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="59" ArticleName="Raclette Courdavault" SupplierId="28" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="5 kg pkg." Price="55.0" Stock="79" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="60" ArticleName="Camembert Pierrot" SupplierId="28" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="15 - 300 g rounds" Price="34.0" Stock="19" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="61" ArticleName="Sirop d´érable" SupplierId="29" ProductGroupId="2"
Unit="24 - 500 ml bottles" Price="28.5" Stock="113" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="62" ArticleName="Tarte au sucre" SupplierId="29" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="48 pies" Price="49.3" Stock="17" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="63" ArticleName="Vegie-spread" SupplierId="7" ProductGroupId="2"
Unit="15 - 625 g jars" Price="43.9" Stock="24" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="5" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="64" ArticleName="Wimmers gute Semmelknödel" SupplierId="12"
ProductGroupId="5" Unit="20 bags x 4 pieces" Price="33.25" Stock="22" OrderedUnits="80" MinimumStock="30"
  +    <Article ArticleId="65" ArticleName="Louisiana Fiery Hot Pepper Sauce" SupplierId="2"
ProductGroupId="2" Unit="32 - 8 oz bottles" Price="21.05" Stock="76" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0"
  +    <Article ArticleId="66" ArticleName="Louisiana Hot Spiced Okra" SupplierId="2" ProductGroupId="2"
Unit="24 - 8 oz jars" Price="17.0" Stock="4" OrderedUnits="100" MinimumStock="20" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="67" ArticleName="Laughing Lumberjack Lager" SupplierId="16"
ProductGroupId="1" Unit="24 - 12 oz bottles" Price="14.0" Stock="52" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="10"
  +    <Article ArticleId="68" ArticleName="Scottish Longbreads" SupplierId="8" ProductGroupId="3"
Unit="10 boxes x 8 pieces" Price="12.5" Stock="6" OrderedUnits="10" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="69" ArticleName="Gudbrandsdalsost" SupplierId="15" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="10 kg pkg." Price="36.0" Stock="26" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="15" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="70" ArticleName="Outback Lager" SupplierId="7" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="24 - 355 ml bottles" Price="15.0" Stock="15" OrderedUnits="10" MinimumStock="30" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="71" ArticleName="Fløtemysost" SupplierId="15" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="10 - 500 g pkgs." Price="21.5" Stock="26" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="72" ArticleName="Mozzarella di Giovanni" SupplierId="14" ProductGroupId="4"
Unit="24 - 200 g pkgs." Price="34.8" Stock="14" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="73" ArticleName="Röd Kaviar" SupplierId="17" ProductGroupId="8"
Unit="24 - 150 g jars" Price="15.0" Stock="101" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="5" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="74" ArticleName="Longlife Tofu" SupplierId="4" ProductGroupId="7"
Unit="5 kg pkg." Price="10.0" Stock="4" OrderedUnits="20" MinimumStock="5" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="75" ArticleName="Rhönbräu Klosterbier" SupplierId="12" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="24 - 0.5 l bottles" Price="7.75" Stock="125" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="25" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="76" ArticleName="Lakkalikööri" SupplierId="23" ProductGroupId="1"
Unit="500 ml" Price="18.0" Stock="57" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="20" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="77" ArticleName="Original Frankfurter grüne Soße" SupplierId="12"
ProductGroupId="2" Unit="12 boxes" Price="13.0" Stock="32" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="15"
  +    <Article ArticleId="4711" ArticleName="Proxied Article 1" SupplierId="12" ProductGroupId="4711"
Unit="1 Java class" Price="1.3" Stock="5" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="1" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="4712" ArticleName="Proxied Article 2" SupplierId="12" ProductGroupId="4711"
Unit="1 Java class" Price="1.5" Stock="2" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="0" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
  +    <Article ArticleId="4713" ArticleName="Proxied Article 3" SupplierId="12" ProductGroupId="4711"
Unit="1 Java class" Price="1.9" Stock="7" OrderedUnits="0" MinimumStock="5" InSelloutArticle="0"/>
       <Books ArtikelNr="100" Artikelname="Hamlet" LieferantenNr="12" KategorieNr="5" Liefereinheit="12
boxes" Einzelpreis="34.0" Lagerbestand="32" Bestellteeinheiten="0" Mindestbestand="15" Auslaufartikel="0"
Isbn="1234567890" Author="W. Shakespeare"/>
       <Books ArtikelNr="101" Artikelname="Faust" LieferantenNr="12" KategorieNr="5" Liefereinheit="12
boxes" Einzelpreis="56.0" Lagerbestand="32" Bestellteeinheiten="0" Mindestbestand="15" Auslaufartikel="0"
Isbn="1234567890" Author="J.W. v. Goethe"/>
  @@ -140,8 +140,8 @@
       <PersonProject PersonId="1" ProjectId="1" Rolename="founder"/>
       <PersonProject PersonId="1" ProjectId="2" Rolename="friend"/>
  -    <PersonProject PersonId="2" ProjectId="2" Rolename="lead"/>
       <PersonProject PersonId="2" ProjectId="1" Rolename="developer"/>
  +    <PersonProject PersonId="2" ProjectId="2" Rolename="lead"/>
       <PersonProject PersonId="2" ProjectId="3" Rolename="developer"/>
       <PersonProject PersonId="3" ProjectId="2" Rolename="tester"/>
       <PersonProject PersonId="3" ProjectId="4" Rolename="user"/>
  @@ -165,16 +165,16 @@
       <ConversionReferred Pk1="51" TestId="61"/>
       <ConversionReferred Pk1="52" TestId="62"/>
  -    <SMMaxA id="120" name="A"/>
  -    <SMMaxA id="121" name="A"/>
  -    <SMMaxAA id="101" name="AA"/>
  -    <SMMaxAA id="102" name="AA"/>
  -    <SMMaxAAA id="123" name="AAA"/>
  -    <SMMaxAB id="99" name="AB"/>
  -    <SMMaxB id="115" name="B"/>
  -    <SMMaxB id="116" name="B"/>
  -    <SMMaxBB id="130" name="BB"/>
  -    <SMMaxBB id="131" name="BB"/>
  +    <SMMaxA Id="120" Name="A"/>
  +    <SMMaxA Id="121" Name="A"/>
  +    <SMMaxAA Id="101" Name="AA"/>
  +    <SMMaxAA Id="102" Name="AA"/>
  +    <SMMaxAB Id="99" Name="AB"/>
  +    <SMMaxAAA Id="123" Name="AAA"/>
  +    <SMMaxB Id="115" Name="B"/>
  +    <SMMaxB Id="116" Name="B"/>
  +    <SMMaxBB Id="130" Name="BB"/>
  +    <SMMaxBB Id="131" Name="BB"/>
       <News Id="1" Headline="Healf Care News (NONE)"/>
       <News Id="2" Headline="Ferrai for sale (CARS - BUYERS)"/>
  @@ -183,12 +183,12 @@
       <Paper Id="10" Headline="NONE" Issuedate="today" Author="NONE"/>
       <Paper Id="11" Headline="SALES" Issuedate="yesterday" Author="SALES MAN"/>
  -    <Category Id="1" Name="Cars" Description="The cars category"/>
  -    <Category Id="2" Name="Sports"/>
       <Topic Id="10" Name="Buyers" Importance="important"/>
       <Topic Id="11" Name="Sellers" Importance="unimportant"/>
  +    <Category Id="1" Name="Cars" Description="The cars category"/>
  +    <Category Id="2" Name="Sports"/>
       <Area Id="20" Name="Human"/>
       <Area Id="21" Name="NotHuman"/>
  +2 -2      db-ojb/src/schema/ojbtest-schema.xml
  Index: ojbtest-schema.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/db-ojb/src/schema/ojbtest-schema.xml,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.80.2.25 -r1.80.2.26
  --- ojbtest-schema.xml	22 Aug 2005 15:32:45 -0000
  +++ ojbtest-schema.xml	6 Oct 2005 21:02:22 -0000
  @@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no" ?>
  -<!DOCTYPE database SYSTEM "http://db.apache.org/torque/dtd/database_3_0_1.dtd">
  +<!DOCTYPE database SYSTEM "http://db.apache.org/torque/dtd/database_3_1.dtd">
   #/* Copyright 2002-2004 The Apache Software Foundation
   # *

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