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From C├ęsar Obach-Renner <cob...@guru.com.ve>
Subject Dynamic map creation on-the-fly
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2005 05:09:31 GMT
Hi to everyone,
I've just searched with no success all arround the archive of this list as
well as the "user" one looking for what I haven't found yet on the internet.
I'm looging for an O/R mapping tool that encapsulates not only the
Relational aspect of the RDBMS underneath, but the maping itself as well as
the database "administration" (table creation, etc.) all of it at runtime.
For example, the following snippet would be enough without the need of
creating the maping for the "MyClass" object in the "repository_user.xml"
file. The maping would be created on-the-fly dynamically as soon as the
broker receives an object of that class for the first time:
        PersistenceBroker broker =
        broker.store(new MyClass(some-info));

It's obvious that the mapping should has to follow formal guidelines like
those worked by  Scott Ambler's white papers "Mapping Objects To Relational
Databases" and "The Design of a Robust Persistence Layer for Relational
Databases", so the auto-generated mapping ensures robustness in the RDBMS
schema for storing the objects.

My idea writing to this list is to understand if this is implemented today
in OJB? If not, for when is it scheduled? And if it is aligned with the
project vision I would be very glad to work personally with the project in
order to make it happen.



Cesar Obach-Renner
Guru.com.ve Director (IT innovation lab)
CANTV IT Architecture Manager (Verizon property in Venezuela)

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