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From "Luis Fernando Pollo" <lpo...@terra.com.br>
Subject Comments for the "extends" attribute of class-descriptor
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 13:51:08 GMT

I've read someone state in a recent post that the "extends" attribute of class-descriptor
is not used by OJB, and assume that would be the reason for the lack of documentation in the
repository metadata reference manual:


But the truth is that it *is* used. Specifically, it's purpose is to set the "superClass"
attribute of ClassDescriptor, which is then used in the getFieldDescriptorsInHeirarchy() method
of that class.

That method is what allows RowReaderDefaultImpl to map fields inherited from a superclass
to a subclass, so that you don't have to create redundant mappings for the same properties.
I think it's very important that the documentation be adjusted to include this information,
as I've seen more than one question on the lists regarding the use of the "extends" attribute.

B.T.W. I believe there's a typo in the name of that method... :) It should be getFieldDescriptorsInHierarchy.



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