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From Martin Kalén <mka...@apache.org>
Subject Re: RFC: Multi-Level Timeouts for Default Cache
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 08:31:25 GMT
Clute, Andrew wrote:
> We are starting to find the all-or-nothing philosophy of the timeout
> setting for the Default Cache to be limiting. It is becoming obvious to
> us that we really have 3 levels that make sense: ShortLived (current
> setting), LongLived (orders of magnitude longer than current) and
> Permanent.
> We have implemented an extended Cache that handles these cases, but I am
> realizing that this could be beneficial in the main code base for OJB. 
> So, that leads me to my questions:
> 1) Anyone have any issues or concerns with such a feature being added? (
> I am going to start with 1.0 branch first)
> 2) Thoughts on the best way to handle the configuration of this? I do
> know that I do not want to make it attributes to the cache itself that
> marks which classes are which, this could become cumbersome as that part
> of the configuration is not auto-gened by anything.

I have had similar thoughts/issues but never went as far as implementing this
feature. It is a reality in many systems that a global cache timeout for all
objects is not fine-grained enough. A big +1 for adding this!

For me the logical place to put the time-to-live is at the ClassDescriptor
level, since I think this info statically belongs to the class definition.

I do not see the use-case where cache TTL for a specific class should be
different between different jcd:s?

I think it's enough with the current global cache-config TTL plus the
possibility to override it on the class-descriptor level.


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