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From Martin Kalén <mka...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [rfc] website docs minor changes
Date Sat, 30 Apr 2005 19:49:32 GMT
Armin Waibel wrote:
>> http://people.apache.org/~mkalen/ojb/site/status.html
> Looks a little bit "complex".
> Why not use a html-list or simply paragraphs (<p>) to separate the api's?

+1, it looked so much more readable with simple bullets!

I checked everything in now, including the note about Serializable
that we were discussing with Stas Ostapenko on the user list.

It's now a note in JavaDoc for MM-methods using SerializationUtils
and a NOTE on the metadata manager guide page. Have a look if
I am telling bogus there, since I did not think extremely long
but chose neutral wording instead...

Regarding the # of connections - it was just a joke over my own stupidity,
in my DBCP-test I test things like pool exhausted and abandoned config
invalidation of objects, so I wanted a really really tight limit (max 2).
(For _that_ testcase only though, as I found out the hard way!) ;)


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