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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [rfc] website docs minor changes
Date Sat, 30 Apr 2005 12:30:24 GMT
Hi Martin,

Martin Kalén wrote:
> Also:
>  * status: +warning re OTM, please help updating the docs!

Isn't a normal note instead of a warning sufficient or do think a 
warning is needed because of the unsettled status?

>  * status: +notice/fixme re S.O.D.A., please help updating the docs!

AFAIK long time ago it was decided that the SODA support will be removed 
(maybe I'm wrong), because no one ever used this api.

>  * mailing lists page: "objectbridge" => "ojb"


>  * list archives page: +MARC dev/user, +Mail Archive dev


>  * list archives page: put Mail Archive on top until mail-archives @ 
> apache is
> fully migrated to EU (I am *not* going to link to the ugly mod_mbox) ;)


>  * for all pages under "home" tab: include "OJB - " in title


>  * for all pages under "documentation" tab: don't include OJB in title


>  * JIRA project-id => "OJB" project name


>  * update Coding Standards slightly (I guess more will follow after the 
> vote)

+1 like that this site has no summarization at the beginning of the 
document (table of content - TOC). Is this also possible for feature.xml 
and status.xml?
Think it will be more clearly laid out when the different API's listed 
with html-list instead of a single section for each API on status site.

> Many smaller changes in the doc section:
>  s/was/is/g (make past tense the present...)

Thanks much! Please feel free to correct all docs without request.

> Update the texts for the "Testing" section.


Suggest to remove in all summary.xml files the <section> element to 
suppress the TOC at the beginning of the document. On a summary site a 
TOC is not needed.

> "Basic Technique" in nav => "Basic Mapping", title "Basic O/R Mapping 
> Technique"
> "Advanced Technique" in nav => "Advanced Mapping", title "Advanced O/R 
> Mapping Technique".


> And the main reason why I started:
> http://people.apache.org/~mkalen/ojb/site/docu/guides/repository.html#connection-pool-N1023E

> I took the latest descriptions from Commons Pool and Commons DBCP 
> websites and updated
> repository.dtd (what you see on the webpage is copied from repository.dtd).
> (Note that there is a new 'minIdle' marked "since OJB 1.0.4", since it 
> only exists in
> my local codebase yet. When upgrading commons pool we got this one 
> "secretly" with
> a backwards compatible default of 0. I will add it to repository.dtd and 
> connection conf.)

Could we add these properties too (to enable prepared statement caching 
in DBCP, as suggested by you in another thread)?

> As you see, no dramatic changes but since I like to fiddle around with a 
> lot of
> small changes to the menu-structure, someone might have objections or 
> better ideas.
> Also, please help me solving the "fixme"s here:
>  http://people.apache.org/~mkalen/ojb/site/status.html (warn/fixme near 
> bottom)

see above

>  http://people.apache.org/~mkalen/ojb/site/docu/guides/deployment.html#Introduction 

+0, I run my tests against JBoss 3.2.3. Think this version is J2EE 1.3 
compliant, never tested with JBoss 4.0. Do we have to make a recommendation?

> Aren't we using only Geronimo now, anyway?

Think after the first stable release we should use Geronimo as default 
testing platform for OJB's J2EE integration.

> In that case I will just 
> remove the
> fixme and commit my other changes and we can have a look at making a bigger
> update of the deployment guide.

I must admit that I didn't find time to setup Geronimo with the OJB 
session bean samples (last time I looked on the web-site Geronimo 
doesn't support hot/auto-deployment of resources). Do you have 
experience in using Geronimo?


> Regards,
>  Martin
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