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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject [OJB 1.x] Separation of PB-api from the kernel
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 11:09:57 GMT
Hi all,

For 1.x I suggest to completely separate the PB-api from the kernel. So 
the PB-api will be an API like ODMG, JDO,... a kind of top-level api.
Further I want to avoid that OJB.java will became a conglomeration of 
user and internal used methods. This class should be as simple as 
possible, because it will be the first class of OJB a newbie will use.

Currently the first separation in PB-api is made by the 
PersistenceBrokerInternal interface, but I recommend to do a real 
separation by declaring PBF and PB as the "PB-api" and introducing in 
start class OJB.java access methods for each api:

OJB ojb = new OJB();
Implementation odmg = ojb.getOdmg();
PersistenceManagerFactory pmf = ojb.getJdo();
PersistenceBrokerFactory pbf = ojb.getPBF();

OJB.java itself have access to the kernel PB pool (maybe OJB manage the 
pool itself) and can be used by all API's. The current PBF class with 
static methods should be changed to an interface, then the PB-api is 
represented by the PB and PBF interfaces.

The top-level api will have kernel access via OJB.java. I suggest to 
make a clear separation of user-OJB.java methods and methods only used 
by the top-level api. Don't know what's the best strategy to do that.

Maybe if we introduce a interface OJBInternal (or something like that) 
with access method to the kernel api, e.g. getBroker(PCKey key), ...
Then we can separate the common OJB methods from the methods used by the 
top-level api's and the OJB.java user-methods are convenience methods to 

class OJB
     private OJBInternal internal = new OJBInternalImpl();

     public PBF getPBF()
         return new PBF(this);

// convenience method for user
     public PC getPC()

// access for top-level api and advanced user
     public getOJBInternal()
         return internal;

// could be an inner class of OJB, should be pluggable
// to allow different implementations/extensions
class OJBInternalImpl implements OJBInternal

interface OJBInternal
     // PB access for top-level api, e.g. will
     // be used by PBF of PB-api
     public PBInternal getBroker(PBKey key);

Then the top-level api using the PBInternal (PBI) instances in the same 
way as jdbc-connection instances and the PB-api is a thin layer above 
the OJB kernel.
The PB-api separation allows to extend the PB-api with additional 
features or to replace it with a more sophisticated layer with 
UnitOfWork/dirty detection stuff.

Any other suggestions or comments?


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