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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Serialization of Proxies revisited
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 15:35:40 GMT
Hi Andrew,

Clute, Andrew wrote:
> I am sure this conversation has been had before, but with the
> introduction of the new ProxyFactory, I think it is worth revisiting.
> The question is: what is the best way to handle the serialization of
> Proxies (both reference and collections).
> The current pattern was to let the JDK Proxy serialize as normal, with a
> reference to a PBKey. After being restored and interrogated, the Proxy
> would reconnect to a PersistenceBroker (in whatever VM it was in) and
> materialize the object.
> Is this the pattern that should continue forward? If so, then a change
> will need to be made to allow the IndirectionHandler to maintain a
> non-transient reference to a PCKey (is this ok?).

think this is ok.
If a user try to materialize a proxy object on a JVM without access to 
OJB what will happen? Can we provide a useful error message when using 
the JDK proxy classes (when cglib isn't in client classpath an exception 
will be thrown when accessing the proxy object - or)?

> Other potential options are to always null out references and
> collections, or to fully populate references and collections. Both make
> the serialized object completely detached, and non-dependant on having
> the second VM be able to work with OJB.

The second option can be critical when the user try to store the 
"nullified" object without using PB.retrieveAllReferences(...) before 
(if the IndirectionHandler is null out how could a user materialize the 
real object? PB.retrieveAllReferences only works for references!), 
because OJB will "think" that the detached objects be deleted.
But if the client is "read-only" and only interested in the main object 
this option could be helpful.

The third option is safe but can affect performance when always the 
whole object graph is materialized, but for clients without a running 
OJB app this will be currently the only option (beside not using proxy).

> This could also be configurable....there could be Strategies for all 3,
> and the user could choose which is best for their use case.

If the "configurable way" isn't too complex this will be the most 
flexible solution, otherwise I would prefer the first solution with 
serialized PCKey.


> Thoughts?
> -Andrew

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