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From Thomas Dudziak <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Specific User Collection Classes and get/set approach, when trying to use ojb with EMF objects
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 22:10:50 GMT
On Apr 7, 2005 12:52 AM, Martin Taal <mtaal@springsite.com> wrote:
> I can try to get EMF to put my own combined EMF/OJB collection class in
> that location. However ojb is still responsible for the instantiation of
> the collection and expects a zero-argument constructor which is not
> offered by EMF.
> Also afterwards going through the emf code by hand to change the list
> class or manually add zero-constructor list classes for specific members
> is not the approach I am looking for because I try to implement a
> generic layer which requires no hand coding for this model specific
> part. Also the query customizer helps to get the right content of the
> list but does not influence the list object used (as far as I could see).

There is no way to configure which collection classes EMF uses ?
Honestly, that would be stupid design on part of the EMF folks. But
anyway ...

> I looked at the use of the ManageableCollection and its interface (and
> use) does not seem to complex (it has two add methods and one
> getIterator). The documentation lists also an afterStore method but I
> could not find that in the source code. The removal aware collections
> broker.util.collections need a bit more attention but are also doable
> for user-specific collections.

Might be a leftover bit of documentation, the afterStore was present
in the 1.0 branch.

> However for the user defined CollectionClass ojb assumes a zero-argument
> constructor. So, just trying again, but does a collection factory not
> make sense (returning either a ManageableCollection or a removal aware
> variant)? With a collection factory the user has much more
> control/flexibility when creating Collection objects.
> Ojb supports the concept of ObjectFactories and to me the instantiation
> approach of a user specific object or a user specific collection is not
> that different.
> The collection factory could be defined in the CollectionDescriptor just
> as the user defined CollectionClass. The user-defined CollectionClass
> (implementing the ManagableCollection) is only used in a few places in
> ojb (CollectionPrefetcher, MtoNCollectionPrefetcher and
> QueryReferenceBroker). So to replace this with a user-defined factory
> approach, only isolated changes are required. Or did I miss something here?

Mhmm, should be doable without that much effort then. Could you
perhaps create a feature request in JIRA for this, stating some
requirements that you would have for such a collection factory ? And
if you happen to have some code that you could attach at the feature
request :-)

Btw, we're talking about OJB 1.1 here, right ?


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