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From Martin Kalén <mka...@apache.org>
Subject Re: jars that can be easily updated
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:39:19 GMT
Thomas Dudziak wrote:
>>The antlr JAR will only be used when re-generating OQL grammar with
>>"ant oql" (never used by OJB run-time, only seldom when OQL grammar
> Actually that's not true. The Antlr Runtime classes are used whenever
> a OQL expression is evaluated, e.g. in some ODMG tests. That's also
> why this particular change needs a re-generation of the OQL parser
> followed by a retest of at least the ODMG tests.

Thanks for clarifying; that changes what I stated re antlr JAR not 
beeing excercised in tests.

>>The DBCP JAR will only be used when selecting DBCP as connection factory
>>in OJB.properties (not used by default for OJB run-time, only when you
>>select DBCP connection factory in OJB.properties).
>>A new testcase should really be added that makes some simple
>>connection-pool checkout/checkin operations for each connection factory
> Nonetheless it is useful to include it with OJB, especially because I
> think it is used somewhere in ojb-blank or in the tutorials.

Absolutely! I'm not at all saying we should throw DBCP out - just that 
Antonio's re-testing with a new DBCP JAR is not a validation of that the 
new DBCP JAR works with OJB. Simply because there is no test-case 
covering DBCP operations (and that I think should be added).

I am a happy user of OJB + DBCP myself. :)

>> > commons-pool to 1.2
>> > commons-beanutils to 1.7
>> > commons-logging to 1.0.4
>>These, together with DBCP, are probably the most important ones for OJB
>>run-time operations and after 1.0.2 release it's a good idea to upgrade.
> IMO changes to libraries that are used at runtime requires a rerun of
> the unit tests on all supported databases, so we perhaps should defer
> it to 1.0.3 ?

I agree that all tests for all platforms must be re-run.

I think my "after 1.0.2" and your "defer it to 1.0.3" are compatible 
statements. ;-)


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