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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject Problem: Copy field values
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:57:27 GMT
Hi all,

today I checked in some changes and a new interface 
...metadata.FieldType which help to copy and compare field values of 
persistent objects. This is used in ObjectCacheTwoLevelImpl to copy 
persistent objects and it's used in odmg.ObjectEnvelope to take an image 
of a locked object.

The basic problem is how can we make an image or a copy of a persistent 
object, how to copy the object fields?

On OJB java-field-type level a field (of a persistent class) could be 
all kind of class, because the user can declare a field-conversion in 
the field-descriptor, thus we don't know the field type in the 
persistent object.
So it's not possible to image/copy field values on this level, because 
the fields don't have to implement Serializeable or Cloneable.

If we convert the fields to the sql-field-type using the javaToSql 
field-conversion we know the type of the field (performance issue when 
using complex field-conversions?), because this is declared in the 
field-descriptor and we are using the jdbc type / java type mapping of 
the JDBC specification:
VARCHAR --> String
VARBINARY --> byte[]
DATE --> Date
Now we know the type of the field. All possible types, FieldType 
implementation classes, are defined in the new class 
metadata.FieldTypeClasses as static inner classes.
We differ two base types:
- Immutable, like String, Integer, Long,...
- Mutable, like Date, Timestamp, byte[],...
To copy immutable types is easy, use the field value itself. Problematic 
are mutable types (copy values, compare values) and mutable types that 
behave like immutable types, because we can't handle them (like Blob, 
Clob, Struct,...).
How should we handle these "exotic" types?


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