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From "Clute, Andrew" <Andrew.Cl...@osn.state.oh.us>
Subject RE: Feature Proposal: Bytecode generated Proxies
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 19:30:51 GMT

> > There are several points to consider with this, and I am 
> going to try 
> > to hit them all (in no particular order)
> >  
> > 1) What are the downsides to doing this? If the goal is 
> give a drop-in 
> > replacement to the JDK-generated proxies based on 
> interfaces, then none.
> if this feature is planned for 1.0.x we should introduce as 
> less incompatibilities as possible.

I agree completely. I think the plan of a drop-in replacement that is
invisable to the user for 1.0.X line and a configurable strategy for 1.X
is wise. I could see waiting for 1.1 to introduce any of this, but the
timeline for that is so unknown, and I think this could be useful in the
immediate future.

> is it really necessary to define the proxy-generator on 
> class-descriptor level ? what's the benefit of having a 
> bytecode proxy on one class and a jdk-proxy on the other 
> class. imo we could define a global proxy-generator to 
> generate the proxies for classes with proxy='dynamic' 
> and for classes with proxy = 'myclass' it's up to the user.

I agree completely, and eventually worked myself to that way. My current
implementation of this only uses CGLIB to generate proxies. JDK proxies
are no longer used. There are no new configuration settings. Setting
either 'dynamic' at the ClassDescriptor, or 'proxy=true' at the
ReferenceDescriptor generates a CGLIB-backed Proxy based on the
itemClass, regardless of what interfaces it implements (since the new
proxy is guaranteed to implement them all since it is a subclass of the

Thanks for all the feedback! I really do appreciate it. My hope is to
have something done for the 1.0.X line by early next week that can be
reviewed, and then I will start work on design for the 1.X lines
pluggable model.


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