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From "Robert S. Sfeir" <rob...@codepuccino.com>
Subject Re: Release date for OJB 1.0.3 - a bug fix release
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 18:57:17 GMT
> what I'd like to avoid is that we release too often. This confuses
> users (I know, I would find it strange) and somehow looks like the
> product is not so stable.

Spring releases quite often, and that doesn't make me think it's  
unstable.  I don't think it will confuse users, it will show life in  
the project.  Monthly releases is something I suggested a while back  
and was told it was not a good idea.  This is also the reason why I  
suggested iterations, or sprints, in which we add fixes and features  
which have to be done within the sprint (30 days) at which point we  
always have a stable product, and we can push out what we have.

This particular bug is nasty and should be pushed out, you can't rely  
on users to get their own cvs version, and you can't put out  
something that's busted.


Robert S. Sfeir
"Make everything as simple as possible,
         but not simpler" - Einstein

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