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From ojb-...@db.apache.org
Subject [DB OJB Wiki] Updated: Bugs
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:50:28 GMT
   Date: 2005-03-17T05:50:28
   Editor: MartinKalen
   Wiki: DB OJB Wiki
   Page: Bugs
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/db-ojb/Bugs

   Remove content already posted on dev-list, add HOWTO.

Change Log:

@@ -1,32 +1,15 @@
-''Sorry, bug database is not avaliable''
+= Bugs =
-org.apache.ojb.broker.accesslayer.MtoNCollectionPrefetcher bug
+If you suspect you have found a bug in OJB, follow these steps:
-in method  {{{
+ 1. Check [http://cvs.apache.org/viewcvs.cgi/db-ojb/release-notes.txt?view=markup release
notes], search the issue tracking system and [http://db.apache.org/ojb/mail-archives.html
OJB Mail Archives] to see if your problem is a known issue.
-    private Criteria buildPrefetchCriteria(Collection ids, String[] fkCols, String[] itemFkCols,
-            FieldDescriptor[] itemPkFields)
-    {
-        if (fkCols.length == 1) //bug is here
-        {
-            return buildPrefetchCriteriaSingleKey(ids, fkCols[0], itemFkCols[0], itemPkFields[0]);
//only first item's foreign key passed
-        }
-        else
-        {
-            return buildPrefetchCriteriaMultipleKeys(ids, fkCols, itemFkCols, itemPkFields);
-        }
-    }
-assumption that if parent table has the only foreign key then item table has the only FK
too is incorrect.
-<collection-descriptor name="recipients" element-class-ref="nVerge.commons.User"
-auto-delete="link" auto-retrieve="true" auto-update="link"
- <fk-pointing-to-this-class column="hot_folder_id"/>
- <fk-pointing-to-element-class column="user_login"/>
- <fk-pointing-to-element-class column="user_network_id"/> <!-- this FK is not put
into where criteria -->
-Quickfix for this is 
-{{{ if (fkCols.length == 1 && itemFkCols.length == 1) }}}
+ 2. Subscribe to OJB User List by mailing [[MailTo(ojb-user-subscribe AT SPAMFREE apache
DOT org)]]. Post your question to the list and ask other users if they have a work-around
or fix for your problem.
+ 3. If you are starting to work on a patch and want feedback, subscribe to OJB Developers
List by mailing [[MailTo(ojb-dev-subscribe AT SPAMFREE apache DOT org)]] and post your ideas
+ 4. If you have a patch ready, open a new issue in the issue tracking system.
+= Issue Tracker =
+Currently, the OJB project is migrating issues from Scarab to JIRA. During this process,
it might be better to only discuss your issues on the mailing lists and not file a report
as stated above. The migration process should be completed in March 2005, after which a link
to JIRA will be on the OJB website and Wiki.

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