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From "Bart Molenkamp" <b.molenk...@bizzdesign.nl>
Subject [ODMG] Making graphs with M:N relations persistent
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 16:04:57 GMT

I've read in the release-notes.txt file that persisting graphs with M:N
relations is not possible and is a known issue. It works when I create
objects without the relations, store them using the persistence broker,
then add the relations and lock them, so that the ODMG transaction
stores the objects with the relations.

That work-around is fine for me, except that an ODMG transaction is not
the same thing as a PB (database) transaction. Using the PB's store()
method stores the object directly in the database (which is not what I
want, I want it to be stored when ODMG transaction's commit() is

Two questions:
1. How difficult is it to fix this m:n issue in ODMG? Where should I
start looking? I'll be happy if I can fix it and donate a patch!
2. If it is difficult (which it probably is ;), what would be the best
strategy to intercept in an ODMG transaction's commit() and then use the
persistence broker then as workaround (so that my whole graph of objects
is stored inside a single database transaction)?


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