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From "Robert S. Sfeir" <rob...@codepuccino.com>
Subject Re: [OJB 1.1] Status?
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 21:20:35 GMT
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Ok I'll chime in again and say we constantly bite off more than we can 
chew.  I know I haven't been on here doing much of anything either, 
still I will take a little opportunity and throw my 2 cents in:

1- Don't hold up a release because some tutorials are not there.  
people are waiting for bug fixes, the tutorials are nice, but they can 
be uploaded later as they don't affect people's operation, nor is 
adding a tutorial cause for testing and backward compatibility checks.

2- Same for the Struts-based webapp sample.

3- As far as 1.1 again we're biting off MUCH more than we can chew.  
Each one of us has ideas as to what they would like to see OJB, but I 
keep feeling like we're all operating on our own, doing our own thing.  
We don't have a backlog of things we need to tackle, at least not one I 
see easily.  DOn't tell me about the wiki, the wiki sucks to keep track 
of this kind of stuff.  You need something like xplanner or what ever 
to be able to track these things.  We NEED to work in short iterations. 
  I've said it before, and I'll bitch about it again.  The list of 1.1 
can be cut down into 4 different releases and no one will cry about it:

1.1 finish the Spring facilitation
1.2 add jdk 1.5 support and xdoclet changes
1.3 HiveMind
1.4 Tapestry.
1.5 DbUtil project

I know some of these can be bundled up and knocked into one build 
because it might be easy to do since you're bean based, but it is cause 
for much delay, much testing, and much retesting every time we add so 
much together.  A x.x.1 release is taking 5 months and there really is 
no need for it.

Let's just spew 1.0.2 already, I already spoke with Brian and am more 
than willing to step through the release with him so I can learn and 
help do it.  I've sent in my pgp key and everything for that, so I'm 


On Feb 17, 2005, at 10:22 AM, Thomas Dudziak wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 09:51:15 -0500, Brian McCallister 
> <brianm@apache.org> wrote:
>> Hi all, sorry I faded out of existence for a while there.
>> What is the status of changes for 1.1 and 1.0.2?
>> For 1.0.2:
>> I'd like to push 1.0.2 real-soon-now. There are a couple failing 
>> tests,
>> which I will try to look at this weekend, but once wrapped up, is 
>> there
>> anything pending in it?
>> From my side: updated tutorials are not yet finished (3/7 are done
> with the missing 4 being the easier ones). I've also added a simple
> Struts-based webapp, but still need to write a tutorial for it
>> For 1.1:
>> I'm going to roll the dirty stuff out, I want the functionality, and
>> will continue to plunk at it, but haven't had the time to make it 
>> solid
>> enough that I'd be comfortable supporting it.
>> What is the status of the bean-oriented stuff (yea!) ?
>> How are docs for the changes?
> I've started to change the XML structure to reflect the model changes
> (persistence conf) and to move to commons-digester/betwixt for
> reading/writing the XML. Next step would be updating the xdoclet
> module and probably adding support for Java 1.5, both templates/enums
> and annotations.
> IoC is implemented, but is usable only for pico at the moment. Jürgen
> Höller is helping with Spring there (we need a special BeanFactory
> type which is not yet available, and I don't have the time to dig into
> the somewhat complicated Spring code in that area). I'd like to also
> add HiveMind support (e.g. to make using OJB with Tapestry 3.1
> easier).
> Finally, I'm waiting for John McNally to create the DdlUtils project,
> so that I can finalize the database-creation/initialization support
> (replacing Torque there and adding support for
> Axion/Derby/SQLite/McKoi).
> regards,
> Tom
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