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From Bruce Lee <brucelee_1...@yahoo.com.au>
Subject Re: Getting Started documentation (ojb-blank update)
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2005 11:12:53 GMT
 --- Thomas Dudziak <tomdzk@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Sorry that I answer this late, but at the moment I'm
> somewhat buried
> under work, so longer answers take a bit longer ;-)

That's OK Thomas, we're all very busy I suspect. I was
beginning to think that no-one was interested... but
as long as we get there in the end :-)

I will make a more detailed response to the issues you
raised soon, for now I just want to bring to your
attention (if it hasn't been already) the "missing"(?)
WAR target from the ant build script in ojb-blank. 

In the reference guides, under Deployment->Deployment
in Servlet Based Applications, one can find the
following text:

 "By executing ant war you can generate a sample
servlet application assembled to a valid WAR file. The
resulting ojb-servlet.war  file is written to the dist
directory. You can deploy this WAR file to your
servlet engine or unzip it to have a look at its
directory structure. you can also use the target war
as a starting point for your own deployment

but running ant -p in the top-level directory of
ojb-blank shows that no such target exists. Did it get
removed for a reason? It would be very helpful to see
the resultant .war file for newcomers trying to get
the example servlet running.

Specifically, I have been fiddling with the Servlet
tutorial example and (following the structure of other
examples I have found online) am fairly certain that I
have a correct structure for the classes, library
files and deployment descriptor under Tomcat, yet I
cannot get the servlet to read the repository

Another line from the above source says:

" Deploy  OJB.properties   and  repository.xml   with
your servlet applications WAR file.
The WAR format specifies that Servlet classes are to
be placed in a directory WEB-INF/classes. The OJB
configuration files have to be in this directory."

When I place the configuration files in the specified
directory, the servlet no longer reports that the
repository data cannot be found and instead reports
that it cannot be read. 

Can we have either, or both, of:
a) the WAR target back in build.xml
b) the reference guide made clearer so that we might
divine the correct structure and write our own WAR


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