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From "Carsten Spräner_Ext" <CSprae...@provinzial-online.de>
Subject Re: Referencing an abstract class. The next turn...
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:13:42 GMT

Hi Tom,

thank you for your Tip. I first answered the mail from armin an than i read
your mail. Sorry. But the problem is still not solved:

1. Having COL_ID in B and in the repository does mean having it in TABLE_B.
Doesn't it? If yes, this is not a solution.

2. Yes i can load instances of B when i directly query a class B. But when
loading a collection i do not know the concrete class. If i don't use the
ojbConcreteClass feature how should OJB know which class to load?

The test program loads instances of B if i directly query for B. But it
does not load B if i create the query with A.class as parameter. I think
the code loding the collection has the same problem.
But your tip solved the problem, that there are some doublicated entries.

Thanks for that. But what about the other problem? I think that's what
armin said.


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