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From Charles Anthony <charles.anth...@hpdsoftware.com>
Subject Distributed Lock Management
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 14:35:21 GMT
Hi All,

We're looking into making our application clustered. Well, actually, we
*are* making our application clustered (using multiple server processes
residing on multiple servers reading requests off a JMS queue). It looks
really rather cool.

What we need to do now is cope with distributed ODMG locking. I realise that
we have the Servlet LockMap which I shall certainly look at, but I have to
say, I'm a little concerned about having a single point of failure (which is
what I think would be the case - but please correct me if I'm wrong).

I am thinking of implementing a distributed LockMap using JMS, possibly on
top of activecluster.codehause.org - but has anyone got any pointers for me
for building lock managers/maps ? Other products/papers/discussions that I
can read up on ? Basically, from the OJB point of view, I think that the
thing to do is to create implement a new LockMap.



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