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From Adam Jenkins <ajenk...@infocomp.com>
Subject Opinion on patch please?
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 00:55:38 GMT
Class: DescriptorRepository
Maintainers: Thomas Mahler, Leandro Rodrigo

Hi All,

I want to make the following code changes and submit as patch, however first
I really would appreciate the opinion of regular commiters.  The change I
wish to make is in class
org.apache.ojb.broker.metadata.DescriptorRepository, method
getTopLevelClass(java.lang.Class) in the following block of code.

    168                 else
    169                 {
    170                     // check if class is persistence capable
    171                     getDescriptorFor(clazz);
    172                     retval = clazz;
    173                 }
    174                 m_topLevelClassTable.put(clazz, retval);

On line 171, if clazz isn't mapped directly, but a superclass or interface
of clazz is, the getDescriptorFor call accurately resolves to the descriptor
for the correct superclass/interface.  However, on line 172, the returnvalue
is being assigned directly to the class that we're interrogating, not the
class specified in the descriptor.  This means that with respect to storing
and loading we can support subclasses and interface implementation, however
when resolving the top class (especially when being called from Identity
init method), we can't support the same functionality.  This has
implications when storing/retrieving objects with m:n relationship in this
scenario.  It would be a fairly simple change to do the following which
would solve the problem:

    168                 else
    169                 {
    170                     // check if class is persistence capable
    171                     ClassDescriptor tmpDescriptor =
    173                     //Adam Jenkins: use the class that is associated
    174                     //the descriptor instead of the actual class.
    175                     retval = tmpDescriptor.getClassOfObject();
    177                     //retval = clazz;
    178                 }
    179                 m_topLevelClassTable.put(clazz, retval);

Thoughts, queries, comments, objections?


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