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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Vote] OJB 1.0.1 Release
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 13:36:35 GMT

Brian McCallister wrote:
> I would like to propose the code tagged at OJB_1_0_1_RC1 be released as 
> OJB 1.0.1.
> Vote will end September 7.


> FYI: There are still a couple failing unit tests in ODMG, but I think 
> they are not going away soon =(

There is much fear of that ;-)

1. Issue
There is a serious bug on insert new objects using sequence manager with 
native column support and ODMG-api. Snip from my post some weeks ago:
and a serious bug in FK assignment when odmg-api was used with native DB 
Identity columns (SequenceManagerNativeImpl). NativeIdentifierTest, on 
insert of objects with 1:1 references. Problem occurs in 
TransactionImpl#lock(Object obj, int lockMode) line 235.

When using native Identity columns, OJB use a temporary dummy value for 
created OJB Identity objects of new pc objects (negative long values are 
used as dummy values for Identity columns, the real value is available 
after the object insert), so the FK assignment is only valid after store 
of the referenced object (PB-api handle this correct).
TransactionImpl#lock assign the FK before the referenced object was 
written to DB.
This cause the failure in PB test-suite. See

2. Issue
Another problem is the support of "Mapping Classes on Multiple Joined 
Tables" with the odmg-api. Currently we don't support this and all tests 
  fail. This test (...odmg.InheritanceMultipleTableTest) is in 1.0 
branch not added to test suite (if you add this test you will see 11 error).
It works nearly perfect (;-)) with the PB-api since issue OJB275 was fixed:
fix for OJB275, include PK fields for "super" class-descriptor when 
using "super" reference. Now on object insert, the PK values are copied 
from the main object to the temporary created "super" objects.
But this cause problems with odmg-api. Before this change the odmg-api 
doesn't cause an error, but creates a new super object on each update 
operation of the "sub-object". So this feature never works for the odmg-api.

I hoped to find time for these issues, but the implementation of the new 
"batch handling" and the new "update fields" method are more 
time-consuming then I expected (side-effects on m:n stuff and jdbc 
driver differ in building return-value array of affected rows of batch 
statements) :-(

So, before release we have to document these issues and if possible to 
show a workaround for 1.Issue.


> -Brian
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