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From Armin Waibel <arm...@apache.org>
Subject [OJB 1.1] MetadataManager issue
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 16:29:56 GMT
Hi all,

as I said in my initial 1.1 post there are some issues in code:

MetadataManager use
Some classes still use MetadataManager.getInstance() and lookup object 
metadata or connection metadata information. But in 1.1 you only can 
lookup metadata of the current used PC when the PBKey/PCKey or a PB 
instance was used.

- DatabaseHandlingTask
should be easy to fix when an OJB instance was used or when the 
MetadataManager will be usable in standalone mode for tool support.

- QueryByCriteria#buildCriteria(Object anExample)
here the MM was used to lookup the ClassDescriptor of the given object. 
QueryByCriteria has public constructor and can currently be reused by PB 
instances of different PC, thus we can't bind a PB, PC or PCKey to this 
class. But reuse of Query objects could be problematic when using 
different model for the same class (one model supports all fields, the 
other model only PK + name).
Should we use an Query service bind to a PB instance. In that case we 
can set a PCKey/PBkey in the query object and can lookup current PC to 
lookup metadata information and the PB instance can check the PCKey 
before perform a getCollectionByQuery(...) or similar???

- OQLParser#selectQuery
again MM was used to lookup classDescriptor of query object on parsing.

- jdoql.QueryTreeResolver
again used for parsing

- graph.ObjectWrapper

A hard nut to crack ;-)


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