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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.fhg.de>
Subject Re: [OJB 1.1] Initial version check in
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 11:09:27 GMT
Armin Waibel wrote:

> Thomas Dudziak wrote:
> hmm, seems easier to handle when keep the factories in OJB or Factory 
> class. If someone use 10 PC, then OJBConfigurator has to take care of 
> 60 factory instances instead of 3. And PC can be removed at runtime 
> and the OJBConfigurator has to take care of this too (if we move 
> factories).

I don't think the OJBConfigurator has to deal with them at all. After 
all, it only configures the OJB runtime regardless of any PCs (e.g. 
default values). So it probably puts factory prototype objects in the 
OJB class, and the PCs can use them at the OJB object (which it got to 
know about anyway) or derive their own ones if some setting in the 
repository metadata changes the factory for this PC.

> Nearly all factories are derived from ConfigurableFactory and need the 
> class name of the implementation class and it will be great to allow 
> properties setting in these factories too.

I dont think we need the Configurable stuff anymore. A simple bean 
strategy should suffice, e.g. factory.setImplementationClass(). With the 
prototype factory objects mentioned above, it should be easy to 
configure the factories with the impl classes.


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