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From "Robert S. Sfeir" <rob...@codepuccino.com>
Subject Re: Forward!
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 10:49:41 GMT

On Jul 2, 2004, at 2:35 AM, Thomas Dudziak wrote:

> Robert S. Sfeir wrote:
>> yeah I'd like to suggest that we also update to the latest rev of 
>> Torque, but not for the 1.0.1 rather for the 1.0.2 which would be a 
>> month after the 1.0.1
> Please lets rush this not too much. I was talking to Armin the other 
> day, and we agreed that the 1.0.1 should be ready in 6-8 weeks if not 
> earlier. And its contents should be mostly fixes for unit test 
> failures and reported bugs. Esp. we should test *all* databases 
> thoroughly (incl. Db2, MaxDB, Sybase). The other important thing IMO 
> is the doc, more precisely tutorials and javadoc.
> I would strongly vote against an update to Torque 3.1. I'm currently 
> working on a dbhandling impl that uses commons-sql, which IMO would be 
> much more useful for OJB for several reasons.

Ah I forgot about that.  I know you had mentioned it.  I'm not hooked 
on Torque in anyway, I was thinking that since we were using it, we 
should upgrade, but your approach is fine too.

> How about a wiki page where we can gather todos for 1.0.x/1.x and give 
> them timeframes and responsibilities ? I've got a few things that are 
> useful and/or required.

cool, where do we set that up?


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