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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.fhg.de>
Subject Re: OJB Foreign Key Problem in Persistence Broker (MySQL InnoDB)
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 09:31:30 GMT
Thomas Vogt wrote:

> Thats what I did, without result, but half an hour ago I found out the 
> problem is in repository_user.xml
>    <reference-descriptor
>        name="projektgruppen"
>        class-ref="org.fhw.cabaweb.ojb.dataobjects.Projektgruppen">
>            <foreignkey field-ref="gruppennummer"/>
>            <foreignkey field-ref="projektnummer"/>
>    </reference-descriptor>
> The order of the foreign key fields here, seems to be mandatory, OJB 
> just takes the order as is, and attaches the values it gets. By 
> switching the order here, I solved the problem.
> But there needs to be some kind of fix in thios place because it took 
> me abour 1 day to get there, and only after activating all possible 
> debug logs I found that the key order in the search is not the way it 
> should be. OJB should check where it puts which value in a select 
> statement (compare columnnames).

The main 'problem' here is that OJB currently performs only a few 
repository.xml checks. There is a (at the moment discountinued) 
validation task that does/should perform these checks because it is not 
something that should be done at runtime (e.g. each time your app 
starts). due to its performance impact There are a few upcoming changes 
to OJB (to be expected for 1.1) that would make the continuation of this 
validation task feasible, though.
Could you perhaps 'convert' your bug report into a feature request for 1.1 ?


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