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From Thomas Dudziak <to...@first.fhg.de>
Subject Re: OJB 1.0.x/1.x planning
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 19:18:50 GMT
Brian McCallister wrote:

> Goal list, planned releases, etc are great -- if we can do it. Let's 
> start small for 1.0.1 and see how things go, we can add process as we 
> need to. Politically, it is easier to add than take away =)

Planning with real schedules is a bit much to hope for, I think. My idea 
was simply to use the wiki page as a notebook where we can note things 
that we want to be in the near or not-so-far future. Also, we try to 
guestimate how long it would take to implement it. In my experience 
we'll get better at estimating (IMO the one good thing about the 
Personal/Collaborative Software Process, which is too rigid in other 
Also, I think we should actually *add* these ideas somewhere, and if we 
can group them a bit into goals, then all the better IMO.

> I poked this type of question to an Agile Development panel at J1 (open 
> source, process, communication, etc) and was referred to work done by 
> Dave Hecksel. JavaOne Online being irreparably broken I cannot find 
> references to what was said though.

A pity, I would have been interested in that. Perhaps you can put 
together some things from you memory, and put it in your blog ?


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