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From Clóvis Wichoski <clovis_wicho...@uol.com.br>
Subject Re: OQL grammar changes
Date Thu, 01 Jul 2004 17:07:13 GMT

Thomas Dudziak wrote:

> Clóvis Wichoski wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I will work on this and see what I can do...
>> but before I need to ask some questions for Thomas or any other 
>> commiters,
>> the OJB as a plan of what need or rules to be implemented in OQL?
>> the patchs that I send will be commited when? on checked if trusted, 
>> one week, months, next version?
> I already planned to work on the OQL grammar (don't know why Jakob 
> asked you too, we had the exact same topic a couple of weeks ago), to 
> be more precise on two areas:
> - extraction of the embedded code into a separate class
> - addition of the missing OQL 3 features, mostly generic method 
> support (methods names shouldn't be hardcoded in the grammar but 
> rather resolved during creation of the query object) and missing 
> operators
> I wanted to add your patch during the weekend. However, I have one 
> question for you in return. You enhanced the from clause to support 
> multiple classes. Is the implementation of this complete (I noticed a 
> TODO) ?

The only working is if qtyFromClass == 1 (only one class in from clause) 
the else is for multiple classes and this TODO is because I don't know 
(for while) how OJB query selects or if it support multiple classes, I 
just started using OJB one week ago, I'm attempt to migrate from a 
production Castor application with minor changes on current source code, 
then one of requisites is that from classes as an alias, and supports 
uppercases on keywords, then the multiple classes come in like a bonus 
startup, when we had time this can be done or maybe not, I put the TODO 
to cause a thoughts about that.



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