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From arm...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: db-ojb release-notes.txt
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 00:40:29 GMT
arminw      2004/07/26 17:40:29

  Modified:    .        Tag: OJB_1_0_RELEASE release-notes.txt
  update notes for version 1.0.1
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision  +47 -5     db-ojb/release-notes.txt
  Index: release-notes.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/db-ojb/release-notes.txt,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.54.2.1 -r1.54.2.2
  --- release-notes.txt	26 Jul 2004 15:49:52 -0000
  +++ release-notes.txt	27 Jul 2004 00:40:29 -0000
  @@ -8,17 +8,59 @@
   relational databases. OJB provides ODMG and JDO interfaces.
  -Release 1.0.x
  +Release 1.0.1
  +- Add new service for Identity object creation - PersistenceBroker#serviveIdentity()
  +  This service makes creation of Identiy objects to lookup objects by primary key much
  +  easier. More info see PersistenceBroker Tutorial section "Find object by primary key"
  +- PersistenceBroker interface changed, add service method for IdentityFactory
  +- Performance improvement in RsIterator, first only map PK values from the
  +  result set and check against the cache. If no match map all field values
  +  from result set to internal Map class (old version always maps all values
  +  from the result set to the internal Map class).
  +Please refer to our Bug tracking site (http://issues.apache.org/scarab/servlet/scarab/)
  +under http://issues.apache.org/scarab/servlet/scarab/issues/id/OJBxxx
  +to see details for a bug with id OJBxxx.
  +- fixed issue in AnonymousPersistentFieldForInheritance, class now use
  +  specified factory methods (in class-descriptor) for pc objects too
  +- fix for OJB275, include PK fields for "super" class-descriptor when using
  +  "super" reference. Now on object insert, the PK values are copied from the
  +  main object to the temporary created "super" objects.
  +- fixed issue in PersistenceBrokerFactorySyncImpl, always wrap requested PB
  +  instance with PB handle object
  +- fixed issue in ObjectCachePerClassImpl, allow to set 'class-cache' to null
   - fixed issue with CollectionProxy and RemovalAwareCollection
   - RemovalAwareCollection is no longer the default collection-class for m:n-relationships
   - ManageableCollection#afterStore is only called if cascadeStoring is CASCADE_OBJECT
   - ojb no longer adds groupBy columns to the SELECT-clause, orderBy columns are still added
because of sapdb
   - orderBy columns of the original query are used as joinAttributes in count-query
  -- ALIAS-prefix again works for report-queries (see QueryTest#testReportQueryAlias) 
  +- ALIAS-prefix again works for report-queries (see QueryTest#testReportQueryAlias)
  +- odmg-api: fix problem with TransactionExt#flush() call, always check for
  +  changed objects
  +- odmg-api: If a user exchange already existing objects in 1:n references without changing
the size
  +  of the collection, the main object will not become dirty and the FK values of the exchanged
  +  will not be updated.
  +  E.g. two objects obj_1 anf obj_2 with 1:n reference to ref objects, each with one
  +  existing/persistent reference object, obj_1{ref_1} and obj_2{ref_2}.
  +  Lock objects and exchange the references in collection obj_1{ref_2}
  +  and obj_2{ref_1} and commit --> FK values of ref_1 and ref_2 will not be updated.
  +- odmg-api: Creation of m:n relation only works when objects created step by step (or use
  +  as workaround), persist a whole object graph seems not to work proper.
  +- Batch handling doesn't work proper with optimistic locking. This will be fixed
  +  in version 1.1
   Release 1.0

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