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From ojb-...@db.apache.org
Subject [DB OJB Wiki] New: OJBNextSteps
Date Fri, 02 Jul 2004 11:14:56 GMT
   Date: 2004-07-02T04:14:55
   Editor: <>
   Wiki: DB OJB Wiki
   Page: OJBNextSteps
   URL: http://wiki.apache.org/db-ojb/OJBNextSteps

   Restructured into sections for 1.0.1 / 1.0.x / 1.1 / 1.x

New Page:

= Goals for OJB 1.0.1 =

 * fix unit tests failures for '''all''' databases that are supported by OJB

 * cleanup/update of documentation as necessary (e.g. Deployment)

 * completion of javadoc (incl. constants, parameters, return values, exceptions) for at least
the public/protected API parts

= Goals for OJB 1.0.x =

 * creation and manipulation of databases with classes and ant tasks, based on commons-sql
-- DatabaseManipulation
   ''[tomdz] IMO important enough to warrant introduction in 1.0.x''

= Goals for OJB 1.1 =

 * I think "native" JDO support should be in it -- ["JDOSupport"]

 * support for McKoi and AxisDB databases -- SupportedDatabases

 * Better support for all kind of Java Collections and Maps. -- CollectionsAndMaps

 * support a real mapping of one class to multiple tables. -- OneClassMultipleTables

 * some restructuring would be nice ... e.g. move the reversedb stuff to it's own src dir
and jar -- ["OJBTools"]

 * use jakarta-commons packages (e.g. logging and configuration) -- UseCommons
   ''[tomdz] Esp. logging should replace the current logging handling of OJB; also commons-collections
could be useful''

 * support for the complete ODMG 3 query language (OQL) as defined in their grammar -- ["OQLComplete"]
Application Management

 * support for jmx based run time management of broker management extc.

= Goals for OJB 1.x =

 * support for generics (Java 1.5) -- JavaGenerics

= Unassigned goals =

 * out-of-the-box support for storing primitive types. -- PrimitiveTypes
   ''[tomdz]: What is meant by that ?''

 * completing the Prevayler based PB implementation. -- PrevaylerBroker

 * clear separation of API and SPI parts. In the ATM we this already, having it in the other
layers as well ease the maintenance process, as OJB developers we'll immediately see which
parts can be changed without changing parts of the API. -- ApiSpiSeparation

 * full support mixing of mapping strategies. -- MixingMappingStrategies 

 * i'm playing with oracle spatial at the moment ... not sure if there is a way to support
stuff like this .. but it would be nice ;-) -- OracleSpatial

 * I [thma] vote for removing support for the S.O.D.A query API (http://sodaquery.sourceforge.net/docs/index.html).
I think we should focus on the standards like JDO and ODMG that have found some acceptance
in the market.

''There are a large number of features proposed for the 1.1 release, it reads more like a
wish list than feature list :) Why not schedule a number of releases 1.1, 1.2, 1.n, 1.n+ that
deliver features based on priority??? I'm sure more users out there care about a JDO implementation
than some other features especially now that JD02 is on the way. Besides its much easier to
make many smaller releases than a few large ones and should improve the credibility of this
fine project.  --AndyHull''

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